19/24" uni parts

Anyone selling some cheap 19 or 24 uni parts? Want to build up a street/trials kind of uni and need everything except pedals and tyre.
Frame can be as battered and scratched as you like, I’ll happily strip it down and repaint. Wheels do not have to be complete as I can build them myself.

On the off chance you have some 29" spares as well I’m also interested, thanks!

I have a KH 07 drilled rim and 07 hub :slight_smile:

Pics, size, price?

24inch and 90usd, you pay shipping


Think it’ll be a bit pricey with shipping from the US but thanks for the offer

haha yeah I just saw you were in the UK when I posted that my bad. Shipping pretty much makes it not worth it in that case. Dont blame yeah!

Good luck though! :slight_smile:


Someone must have an old scratched, rusty frame they don’t want gathering dust in a corner (19/24/29) or a hub with destroyed bearings they can’t be bothered to swap???