07 KH Wheelset

Hey Guys,

Here is an 07 Kris Holm drilled rim and 07 hub. The flanges are still good on it and the rim has only been ridden with for a couple hours, rim is in good condition with slight tweak in it. Some proper truing and the wheel will be straight as new. Buyer pays shipping

Starting price is $90.00


Nice wheelset :slight_smile:

From your post on the other thread, it is a 24 inches wheelset (to complete the post).

yupp I knew i forgot something! Thanks man :slight_smile:

24inch Wheelset guys!!


Back to the top!

Would you consider selling me just the hub?

Depending on the price split between hub & rim, I might be interested by the rim (to make a gift to a friend).

Id really like to keep everything together but if no one wants the entire wheelset I will part out for sure :slight_smile:


Send on some offers :slight_smile:


PM sent :wink:

pm sent too