16inch torker

ok so i am going to get a 16 inch torker but i am wondering if there is any tires out there that i can buy. Do they even make tires that small? Would it be better to just save up money and buy the 20 inch?
its the 16 inch torker the chrome one.
Pretty cheap plus i live in victoria which is a ferry across to get to vancouver. I just want to know if any of the big name companies out there actally make 16 inch tires? like maxxis, kanda, ect.

Get the 20". They’re a million times more practical (and since virtually every unicyclist own a 20", parts are readily available).

And if you’re serious about unicycling, or planning to get serious, spring for the LX (it says unistar black, but it’s really a 2003 LX).

Also, you might want to consider a different source. If you order directly from a dealer (unicycle.com, Seattle Bike Shop), you buy the product with shipping. If you buy from a local bike shop, you’re buying the product, the shipping, and profit for the store.

i don’t have the money. i have to pay for this whole thing by myself because i just got a $1000 trials bike. so i don’t have $200. also unicycle.com is in us prices i am in canada so the one i wanted to get was the nimbus 20 inch trials uni but it is us dollars and so it is $169 us so that will be like $200 canadian or more.

But there’s not much point in buying a 16" unicycle if you won’t be able to use it for much. That size is pretty much exclusively used by small children, and clown-type entertainers that want something small. It will be slow, tire choice will be limited, and it won’t be very strong.

You should be able to get tires anywhere children’s bikes are sold, like department stores. But they won’t be great quality tires.

i see i think i am just going to get the nimbus 20 inch trials uni from unicycle.com . I am guessing its about $200+ canadian. And its $21.80 shipping to where i live. Pretty good i mean they are out of stock until approx. August so i will have it maybe by christmas.


If you’re on a budget, there are smarter purchases than a Nimbus Trials cycle.

This one is a little heavier than the trials, but it has a stronger wheel, and the same hub/crankset. The frame is a little narrower, but it your tire selection will be almost infinite. Comes in Red and Blue.


This is a fine unicycle. Nice saddle, looks nice, and it’s affordable.


If you want something for trials, you probably should not get the Nimbus. It has a cotterless hub and crankset, which are weaker than the much more expensive splined variety. Quality trials cycles run just about 400 USD. However. This one is a trials cycle in every way but the tire. The frame cannot accomidate the 20X2.5 trials tires, but it will still get the job done without taking much damage.


yo man my little brother is selling one for 60 dollars, it has a kh seat nobby tire and in very good shape.

since you are in Canada you should consider contacting Darren Bedford from Bedford Unicycles, if memory serves me correctly his beginner 20" is about 250$ CAD. Darren knows what goes into building great unicycles!

his website is www [dot] bedfordunicycles [dot] ca

call him or email him for info.

oh and i would advise a 20" unicycle over a 16" unless you like the idea of feeling like a hamster in an exersize wheel when you ride.