160 unispin?

Hello, I am a noob and have been trying to do 180 unispins for the past 2 days… I landed one, and I did 4 160ish unispins. Is this normal? How can I fix this? Do i need to spin it faster, hop higher, jump higher (off the unicycle)?

Hi :smiley:

Try to jump higher, And do not turn your body… just the uni rotate… You just jump!

See if you hand position is ok… This tutorial by Marcus show the best hand moviment (at least for me):

Bye and Good Luck!

Thanks, that is the video I watched before I tried the 180. Jumping higher helped me a lot, i can now do 180s but sometimes I do 200s now… I will learn and fix that.

Thanks for the help!

Yeah :smiley: Just control your jump heigt!.. In the start… If put your foot on the cranks it’s easier to spor the uni spin :smiley:

Now go for 360’s… They are so cool when you learn :smiley:


I jump really high for 180 unispins now and the unicycle doesn’t over rotate. You don’t need to spin it very fast.

So basically just jump higher off the unicycle, it looks better, cleaner, and is easier. And make sure the unicycle rotates on a central axis so the pedals are in the same position as when you jumped off them.

I agree with the hand movement and all that, but I couldn’t do a 180 on grass for my life. So, I went onto my driveway and viola, 3 trys the charm.

All you have to do is go out there and tell yourself, “Ok, what is the worst that can happen.” And be reasonable, are you really going to break your arm??? no. stub your toe??? probably.

Then, jump, twist, and GO FOR IT!!

pm me if you try my advice