16" trials unicycle


  1. What’s the biggest tire (2.25" upwards) that fits 16" rims?
  2. What rim would I need for such a tire ; what are the widest rims available in 16"?
  3. what are the shortest cranks that fit profile/kh/koxx hubs?

jabbath :slight_smile:

you can look at these:


Although the Alex x rim is available in 16" it’s a road rim so that might not be too crash hot for trials.

That tyre is 2.125 which is close

thats all i had time for, probably isnt a help but there it is.
what do you want a 16" trials unicycle for, 20" is much mroe standard and would be better i think.

Evan tried that a while ago, maybe he can help. That was back when he was “total_uni”

I think finding short enough cranks was the problem with the idea + it would be very slow.

I think the rim would be the hardest thing to find. For the cranks i suggest koxx isis 110m cranks. You would probly find some kind of wheel barrow tire.

What would the benefit of having a 16" trials unicycle be?

Much lighter.

Ironicly, I use a 24" for trials now.


Why not…

Why not LONGEST(functional) cranks?

I have learned on 16" and it is the one which I have tried to modify(in my ignorance)
The biggest fun I had with 11,5 cm cranks.
Those cranks deliver relatively smooth performance and still allow for turning.:wink:

Why don’t get a poga stick?

Or doing trials without your unicycle? you will be able to jump MUCH higher!

to clear things up: i’ve got a little sister :wink:


That certainly turned things around.

You’d have no need for a splined hub for a little sister, just go with regular cranks and a wide-ish rim for trials.

Yes, use a normal 16" wheelset and a tyre like the jumping Jack from Schwalbe . It should work fine upt to 30 or 40 kg.
Its also much more easy to handle for a litle child than a 16" Trial.
A 20" Quax muni with a maxxis for example bounces my daughter and not she the muni :slight_smile: Now she use a normal 20" Rim and a Jumping Jack (20x2,1) and it works fine to start.