Monty 16'' Trials Wheel

Monty has a bike designed for kids with an 18’’ front wheel and a 16’’ rear wheel. The rear wheel looks beefy and is likely double walled. The tire that fits on it is a 2.4.

Now those of you who wanted 16’’ trials unis can probably make them.

The rim is a 16’’ JetSet rim, which I can’t find for sale anywhere.

forget about uni i want that bike

Trust me, no you don’t.

Heres my Alex Double wall 16"

rim 001.jpg

Thats a purdy bike.

It is a fully functional trials bike, but it’s designed for kids. It’s probably very strong, but the geometry would be crappy for a full grown adult. The wheelbase is probably like 800mm (my bike has a 1033mm WB) and the stem and bars are bad. It would be very cramped for a full grown adult.

t3h bestest bike

OHHH T3H XTP. I like the look of the vinco better.

My bike:


Theres something missing on those bikes but i can’t quite place it…

The lack of seat isn’t even what makes it excessively annoying to ride. The gearing is usually really low. Mine is a relatively high 18/12.

I hope you wont sit on the seat

OK… were off topic

what is the topic?

Monty is making a fat 16" trials wheel, making a good opportunity for people making 16" trials unis.