16 inch nimbus trials or 20 inch nimbus trials?

i am a 13 yr old thats pretty short(4ft 10 inches)thats needs better quality uni,witch would be better for me, a 16 inch trials nimbus or a 20 inch trials nimbus?please help!!!

what size is your current uni?

current size

20 inch

Get the 20", you’ll regret the 16" in like 10 minutes after getting it.

I didn’t even know they had 16" trials til’ now…probably because I would never consider getting a 16"…

EDIT: i might get like a 12" or smaller just for the novelty of it…with a flat crown so i can coast and stuff+it’s not totally useless…

i want to be able to manuver it like a 16 inch trials with the hopping and stuff but i want to be able to ride it like a 20 inch.here is the 16 inch and the 20 inch.just copy and paste this into the adress bar



I’m not sure that would manuver any better than a 20"-which can turn on a dime+has a higher to pedal hop…and possibly more spring in the tire…and rides about 25% faster…
the most a 16" would help with hopping might be a slightly decreased weight…and that really would be less than the difference between a torker dx and a KH…

EDIT:Would one of the more experienced riders correct me if i’m wrong, right about now?I’m more into flatland+freestyle than trials…
hmm post 400…

yea get the nimbus 2…the 16" has a rounded crown and would surely be regretted…

Do not get a 16" unicycle. They’re made for little kids.

I’m your age, about 5 feet tall, and I can ride any size of unicycle in production. Don’t worry about your height - get the 20".

You will utterly regret getting a 16". Look at pictures of any trials rider out there. Do you see any of them riding 16 inchers? No.

…the same here: get the 20"

…i got the 16" for my 6 year old son, and for him it’s perfect…but he is 3 feet and 11 inches (1.25m hope that’s right?)

here he is:

I ride trials with a 24" and a low seat and find that when I use a 20" of my friends it seems very easy. This is likely due to the weight difference. I’d suggest the 20" because the 16" is very small for someone who isn’t 10 or under.

well 20 is closer to the almighty 24 so i’d say get the 20


im a 14 year old and i am just thinking about getting a unicycle. Is this a good unicycle that will last me a while and be able to preform trials that are not too extreme

Sun 20-inch Freestyle Unicycle


I started with that one. I really liked it and a lot of my friends are all learning on it now and it’s holding up great. I’ve only done a 1 foot drop on it but it’s real sturdy. Another good choice is the Torker LX.

that is a horrible unicycle for trials.

Its a learner freestyle one.

any of the nimbus trials are pretty good.

what’s you budget?

the nuimbus street unicycle with KH moment cranks is great.

No get a torker tx instead if you are planning on doing any trials at all. i know someone who weighs about 150 pounds and bent the hub on his sun jumping down a set of 5 steps. another person i know has a torker tx and has done about 4 foot drop on it with horrible form and it still isn’t bent he weighs about 165. so get a torker tx instead if you are planning on doing any form of trials over 2 feet.

I suppose you mean dx not tx

also I have a friend that is 10, has that uni, and has bent the cranks doing nothing but hopping (and he is not all that good at that) he hasn’t ever done a drop ('cept curbs) and the hub is bent rediculusly (like 40 degress)

what do you recomend Torker LX 20 Inch more? and i dont want to spent more than like 120 cause im just starting.

6 years ago, people rode 24’s or 26’s for trials. 6 years ago you would have been saying no, don’t get a 20", do you see any trials riders using 20 inchers? No.

I have no doubt that if a good 16" trials rim and a good 16" trials tire were made, I would be riding one.

which is better the sun 20 inch freestyle or the Torker LX.