150 Miles in 1 Day for my 59th!

On 1.16.15, the day after the big 59, I decided to kick things off with by biigest uni-challenge yet, by setting out to ride a 150 miles in 1 day! Not sure exactly how many calories I burned but probably between 7,500-9,000, which could explain why I’ve been eating all day haha! Hope you enjoy this video montage of the ride, and you can definitely tell the guy on the 36er was having a blast! :smiley:

Congratulations Terry! That is Fantastic!

Yes, this is Jeff.

I am wondering how you store your camera/pole when you are not using it during your ride.

Thanks Jeff. My gorpo it attached to my mini tripod, and kept in a tube sleeve mounted under the touring bar. So whenever I want to film I just take it out (while riding) and hold the extended tripod legs with the gopro aimed at me and I can get wide angle shots that capture way more than a helmet cam could plus I can easily move it around to get various angles. You can see the setup below:

Nice work Terry and happy birthday. An inspiration to us all. No schlumpf too, even more impressive!

200 miles for your 60th?

150 is an incredible accomplishment!!

Great video! You never cease to amaze! Happy birthday!

Congrats Terry. What an accomplishment! Nice video. What beach trail do you ride for these long rides?

Fantastic job, Terry! And “gorpo” is my new favorite word. :slight_smile:

Nice ride Terry, always impressive!
You have pretty short cranks, what length?
Nice Gorpo, makes me wanna try one too!

150 miles is an amazing achievement. However, on the basis of photographic evidence, you can’t possibly be a day over 35.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

@pierrox: I used 114mm ventures for the ride.

@Vertigo: The South bay bike path.

@kayakzz: This was actually a ‘warm-up’ for a possible 24hr/200 mile ride. Haven’t set a date for that yet.

@Mikefule: Haha, well, I sure felt every bit of those 59 years the next morning!

I’m inspired!

Great accomplishment!
I turned 56 last month and do experience a certain “youthfulness” since returning to riding unicycles again this year. I can’t even imagine riding 100 miles in a day, let alone 150. What saddle are you using?

Wow. I could never imagine riding my unicycle this far … and I’m not half your age. Great job Terry! If you keep going on like this, you’ll be doing a millenium ride for your 90th birthday :smiley:

Happy birthday! I have the “flatfish” saddle which I love. I believe it inspired Kris’s new “Zero” saddle, which I want to try next!

Haha, thans Eric. I’d be happy just to ride a few feet at that age! :o

Nice! Ride on and ride strong.


Thanks Joe. My real goal is to do what you’ve done so many times; a 24hr/200 mile ride! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Terry. I’m excited to see what’s next.

Terry you’re always inspiring me to do more.

By the way, how long did you ride on the beach trail before turning around?

Nice ride Terry! Very inspiring. After a four year hiatus from unicycling, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my KH 36 this week. In the past few years I’ve got big into ultra-distance biking (25 h/233 mi MTB race and 520 mile single-stage road race for example) and I’m interested in trying out some endurance uni riding. I’ll start off smaller, but would love the challenge of a 200 mile uni ride some day. Please let us know when you plan this insanity and would you like company?

Excellent ride, Terry. Congratulations on joining the century-and-a-half club… an even more exclusive one than the century one!

Filming yourself as you go makes it even more work too :sunglasses:

Hope to hear that the double plan comes through soon too.