12" worth it?

hey guys. was on municycle.ca today browsing and they have a 12" unicycle on for 72$ canadian! i was like phwwwwhhhhaaaattt! so tempted. I think i’d have to sell some stuff (24" and 20" extra frames, maybe my bc wheel, ect.) to justify buying it but what does everyone think. Its portable, and cheap. http://www.municycle.ca/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_9&products_id=77 i was watching dorian fevrier’s bunny’vid and was thinking about trying some things on it. http://vimeo.com/2017087
my question is…
is it worth it? would this uni be able to hold up to (probably not as big of spins but trials yes) this stuff? im considering it because it’s so portable, (i could put in my carryon, or in my locker :D) but i dont want to just throw 72 dollars away either :confused:
let me know
thanks guys

Not for riding like that. You’d squash it on your first drop. It could prob handle a fair amount of flat tricks, but I bet it’d break before a typical 20 like the Nimbus II.

I think the only way of getting a 12" strong enough for riding like that is a custom miss match of parts. If you’re set on building this uni, I’d ask Dorian which parts he used and duplicate it.

I bought one like…a year a half ago. They’re amazing. Although, you will want to buy a normal seatpost if you don’t want back pain and a new seat with a handle. I think you got it the wrong way round :stuck_out_tongue: Spins on it for me, it’s solid. Well, all flat tricks it is. Although, trials, I wouldn’t put it up to any big trials drops or tricks, the spokes really aren’t that strong. And that’s coming from me, being really light, haha. It’s really fun to mess around on though, spins and flips are easier. I learnt to 5 and crankflip from mine. And now it’s like a spare uni, so far, I’ve taught 2 people to ride by lending them it, cause they can just carry it wherever they want. I think it was this uni that Dorian used: http://www.kahero.com/boutique/fiche_produit.cfm?ref=DODO12&type=45&code_lg=lg_fr&num=1 Something like that…I remember when everyone was discussing it, it used to be called bunny or something so I don’t know if it’s the same one :stuck_out_tongue: Edd broke the spokes on his, I think it was one from UDC, but yeah, depends what you do and how much you weigh.

Apparently the Bunny Cycles are good enough for Trials, but a normal 12" will break… http://vimeo.com/8006086 :stuck_out_tongue: The one on municycle.ca i not meant for Trials, you could somehow try to put an ISIS hub in there with Nimbus Ventures 89mm but it would cost alot of money.

This thread talks about making a strong 12" unicycle out of various parts:

will kahero or cdk even ship to canada though? or are they strictly europe? otherwise i cant think of a place to buy a bunnycycle 12" mik or dodo here.

I think itd be pretty sick if you could get ur hands on a decent one

12" wheels have less spokes than the larger ones, but the smaller rim makes up for at least some of that. Typically, a 12" unicycle is built for small (light) kids, and strength is not a consideration.

But from that video it looks like a 12" could be a great platform for learning Street/Flat tricks; smaller jumps = less bodily risk? It could be interesting. Note the pedals are really wide in relation to the wheel size, and they’ll hit the ground a lot. Doing an actual “spin” on one, especially on pavement, is pretty hard because the pedals keep hitting the ground as you try to wind into it.

BTW you guys all have your seats way, way too high: