12" Unicycle For Adult?


I’m looking at getting a 12" for my birthday and was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them. My other half is more than happy to get one but just about everyone else thinks they’re for kids and that I will break it pretty quickly :angry:

So, to prove them wrong, does anyone have any experience with these things? I searched the forum and found some videos of the Bunnycycle, which looks pretty tough. I’m not planning on doing trials or anything, but it would be cool to learn some tricks on one as my other ride is a 24" MUni and not really suitable for that sort of thing!

Oh, I’m pretty much exactly 6’ tall and weigh 11 stone (~150 lbs).

I’ve got 2 12" uni’s as part of the set of uni’s used in schools and community uni sessions. Everyone including adults who can ride loves to have a go on the 12’s, a couple of the smallest kids learnt to ride on them too.

Here’s a couple of pics

For a while there I wanted to make a custom 12" uni with a stronger wheel but gave up on it, tho I still think a KH quality 12" trials/muni would be a cool thing.


The 12 incher in the pics looks like the Dodger from UDC (link). It’s definitely one of the options I had in mind - it’s good to see pics of people doing some Muni-type riding on these. Perhaps it’s tougher than I gave it credit for.

Incidentally, if you’re still thinking of building that super-strong 12" I found an old thread here that has some interesting details.

These ones look pretty good.

Put a geared hub in one of those, HAHA :smiley:

I don’t see why not, with the technological advancements going on. It could be possible to have 1 fitted i guess. :smiley:

Those “Bunnycycles” are supposed to be really tough. They don’t seem to ship to the UK though so I sent them an email asking if it would be possible, hopefully I’ll get a reply on Monday.

I do have some contacts in Europe so if all else fails I can get it delivered to one of them and forwarded on to me.

edd, (eddbmxdude) has a video up on youtube of him doing trials with a 12"
i think he spends most of his ime on the uk forums nowadays.

yoggi put an isis hub in one of those. with the 75mm nimbus cranks it would be so cool.
anyone know if they can ship to the US?

A French buddy of mine gave them a call. They don’t ship outside of the countries listed on the website (mainly mainland Europe) but they’re pretty flexible if you can arrange something yourself. Fortunately my Dad has a UPS Business account and they agreed to let them collect it.

I will have to ask how much he paid. I think shipping to the US would be prohibitve though - someone needs to start exporting these things all over the world!

I like mine and with a loooooooooooong seatpost you’ll be able to ride it normally

that would be cool if you could do that, i want one :slight_smile:

Maybe we should set up some sort of group buy? They might do some money off.

Apparently they have grey and luminous pink at the moment, although other colours are coming in to stock in about 2 weeks.

Alot of french riders converted their Bunny Cycles to ISIS.

I broke mine while riding trials, I ride a really really really bent hub and 3 big wooden spokes.:stuck_out_tongue:

I put an Onza splined hub on my 12" after I broke it riding trials. It lasted one hop before every spoke pulled out of the nipples :smiley:

I would love to build an ISIS 12". I did look into it, but I can’t find a decent 12" rim.


it looks like the bunnycycle one would probably be the best.

This one has added washers to prevent that type of thing. I’m seriously tempted by the ISIS conversion now. Maybe I’ll upgrade my Qu-Ax to the yellow hub and put the red one on the Bunny?

that’s awsome! if someone built and retaled one strong enough, i rw=eckon it would sell, i thought there was a 12" on unicycle.uk.com at one point?

Bad news everyone!

Depite everything seeming initially OK, Kahero.com have turned around and said that they don’t want to sell one to us. It’s all very odd - must be a French thing! :wink:

So we’re in touch with a supplier in Paris who can supposedly get them, but I’m not holding out much hope. If all else fails, I’ll have to go with the Qu-Ax Luxus 12". I was thinking about ISIS-ing it up anyway so I suppose it’s not all bad. :sunglasses:

My Dad has mentioned importing some Bunnies and selling them internationally. He knows nothing about unicycles but he’s a bit of a Del Boy type character and thinks there might be money in it!

What about CDK, did you asked them if they sell/ship to UK?