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I think that must be the natural ripening process of the parts showing here. It’s how most fruit go through different colours too during their life cycles:
First they’re green, then they turn yellow, then orange and finally red.
The frames seem to be born to be blue until their owners get so bored that they decide to strip them and all that…

When my daughter was born, she was blue like a Smurf and then suddenly turned bright pink. Maybe it was something like that.

I did change things around. The green seat cover is now limp in a box among other unused cranks and things. I’m taking the 26 out for a good hilly climb today. So far, I don’t like the 165 cranks. I’m probably going to switch it back to the 150s it came with. Or, swap the 165s with the 125/150 on the 29". Decisions!!

CUT Longneck KH20

:0 You have an awsome colection of unicycles! I like the new KH Green colour. I’d love to have a simular collection to you.

Do you notice the diference in weight between your KH24 and KH26?

@Tyler 258 - Awsome unicycle!

The 26 is lighter. The tires are much different. I haven’t taken it off road yet. I hurt myself last week and I’m waiting to heal before trying it off road. On the road the 26 feels more like the 29 which is also lighter than the 24. I think the 26 may become the favorite. It’s the one I plan to put the Schlumph in. I think that will be called the PUBERTY stage.

I posted a few weeks back about getting my hands on a 12" Bunnycycle. It arrived today!

Here it is with my Qu-Ax 24" Cross. They’re both completely standard except some Gusset Slim Jim Magnesium pedals on the Qu-Ax. I do have some upgrades in mind for the Bunny though… :smiley:

Big thanks to for getting the Bunny to me after a lot of hassle with another supplier, and of course to emile for recommending them.

Ok here’s my kh MUni after her “makeover”. Stripped off old 5 layers of paint, and gave her a fresh “desert-camo” scheme again, installed new bearings, cleaned and detailed, and rear cf bumper patched and repaired. Me and this baby’s been through a lot together in the last 3 years, and we’re both still going’ strong, knock wood! :smiley:

How much faster do you think the 29" is then the 26"?
I’m debating on wether or not to get a KH 26" or 29" right now. I’ll probably get a geared hub for whichever one I get eventually. Is the 26" lighter and more maneuverable? Significantly? Thank you ahead of time. :slight_smile:

I have a 19" right now so if the 29" is much faster I’ll just use the 19" for drops and stuff. I worry about bending (even a 26") such a large rim (Flatspotted two 19" ones).

It depends heavily on the tire, a 3" tire on the 26" wheel is almost the same size as a 29" with a 2.4 or similar. The 29 would still probably be faster because it’s thinner. I had a friend just get a nimbus 29er and it’s lighter than the standard nimbus 26" from what I can tell (he did have the lightweight qu-ax cranks though). There’s a picture floating around on one of the threads with the two sizes side by side. I personally loved the way the 29er felt today, it had 170mm cranks too O__O which doesn’t make it any faster than a 26 : P but it sure rolled over stuff pretty easily. I would probably feel more comfortable in technical terrain on the bigger wheel, unless it got extremely technical, then I think a 24" would work best.

So they are basically the same (except the 29" being slightly faster)?

there’s a good picture of the two here, and a little more explanation between the two. about half way down the page

Thanks. I will read that.

got my new nimbus X today : D it’s a sweeeet ride B-)
I was amazed at how fast you can get going with 89mm ventures! As always was awesome. I didn’t think I’d need to, but I may have to cut the frame down about an inch or two, anybody know how much that costs? (usually) I’m assuming any good bike shop could handle it. He would have done it for me, but I thought it fit fine, and then got it home and realized I’d want another inch or so.

I’ve started “pimping” my new Bunnycycle MIK 12 already…

I had to buy a longer seatpost so I got a 700mm Nimbus post from UDC UK. Unfortunately this uses a standard seatpost bracket as opposed to the Miyata-style bracket on the Bunny’s (very nice) standard seat, so I got a Qu-Ax “Flame” seat at the same time.

I thought as I was now going down the “pimp” route I’d get a maltese cross valve cap too. :smiley:

I’m also going to be changing the seatpost clamp. I got a single bolt Impact clamp, but the quick release clamp on the Bunny is held on with two small spots of weld, I’ve now removed them but the Impact clamp doesn’t cover the bare metal that was left behind, so I’m getting a double bolt clamp which should be big enough to cover it up nicely.

Long term I’d like to convert it to ISIS… But we’ll see what The Mrs. has to say about that! :wink:

Nice! Looks cool

Just got my 29 today!


Why is it leaning against that tree? Go ride it!


Nice! How much with brakes?

My wife said, “Too much!” :wink:

Got it from UDC.

I would think she did. :slight_smile: Thats where I’m getting mine. Those things are expensive!