-12" uni questions-

getting me a 12"

i can get the dodger now but will have to wait for the trainer. is it worth the wait.
i only way nine stone so would extra strength be needed…

anyone know of others? i can only them two.


I’m curious why you are considering such a small wheel. With this small of a wheel you frequently find that the pedals hit the ground.

9 stone is about 126 lbs. I’d think that either of the two are going to be fragile for that weight.

I bought something that looks very similar to the trainer for my (then) 3 year old son. It seems like an OK uni and I’ve ridden it (15 stone/210 lbs).

I’d go for the more durable of the two and get the trainer. Assuming you really DO want a wheel that small.



i have ridden a "12 wheel without a long seatpost.
(i rode the "12 trainer)
it was hard to ride anyway but even during the slightest turn the pedals would hit the floor! it wasnt hard to get the hang of but i wudnt suggest it unless u were performing for an audience as you cant realy have fun with it otherwise!

hope this helps.

if not then p.m. me!

Even a 16 is ridiculously small. A 12 inch unicycle is surely for novelty purposes or small children only.

My freind rode ours a mile and a half to the store once. It was ridiculous. (I rode it back:p )

Yes, you forgot to say what you were going to use it for. I have a 12" uni (Unicycle Factory), but it’s just for shows. It gets great audience response though; the lower the seat, the better!

For any other use, you will find a 12" a pain to ride. The pedals will almost be hitting the ground when you ride straight, let alone making turns.

Eve if it’s for a small child, go for a 16" unless you absolutely know the child is too small.

If you’re a professional performer and intend to use it for shows long-term, save your money for the sturdier one.

Radial spoking bad… Both seem to have it. I know the trainer does. The dodger might have a cross in there but I dont know.

I rode the trainer the radial spoking makes it hard to ride because of the lag time between the cranks/hub to the rim. It also wears out fast. Idling I’m sure puts stress on it.

plus, they don’t even make cranks smaller than the 90mm’s that they both come with, unless you payed alot to have smaller ones specially made.

I have a 12"! its kind of fun for about 5 minutes. I got it from evan for my little sister who is almost 3 but she is still too small. I rode it around with the seat touching the frame (as low as it could go) and my neighbors laughed at me.