10 Flatland Levels

I thought it would be helpful and not very hard to make up 10 flatland levels. Help is appreciated

Level 1
Ride Forward and Backward and turn

Level 2
No footer
Leg wrap 1 leg
180 to riding backwards

Level 3
Leg wrap both legs
180 unispin
Footplant Crankflip
360 hoptwist

Level 4
90 Unispin to wheel
90 Unispin off
Seat Wrap

Level 5
360 Unispin
Hickflip(thats the one with the 180 right?)
Super Wrap (legwrap seat wrap leg wrap other leg)

Level 6
Treyflip(thats the 360 right?)
540 Unispin
Double Flip

Level 7
540 flip (idk what the name is)

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10
Sej Flips

just going to point out that you got all the way to level 7 without introducing one crank roll…

just saying that its not looking very “flat” to me so far

No flips in flatland I thought. :wink:


Besides having unispin flip tricks in there in the first place, you skipped fifthflip and went straight to sej?

Sej shouldn’t even be on even a street list imo, seeing as only one person has landed it.
Loads of people can do the level 10 freestyle junk.

Also…why is the 360 hoptwist on the same level as the zeroplant? Is it in some bizarre way easier than 90 degree unispins?
You confuzles me.

i dont no a lot of flat tricks i just started:o plz revise a lot

I vote we just scrap it.

actually there is like only 6 people that are level 10 in free style

i vote we scrap you:D

I meant that loads of people can do the individual skills.

I can do probably half of them.

And does that figure include Japan? I doubt it.

well that info was from jamie who just got back from unicon and used to be level 10 himself… so i would say that ya that probably includes japan yes…

or at least people who have actually tested and got approved level 10

who actually does the test :roll_eyes:
And no, I will probably never learn a standard backwards 1ft wheel walk.

You can also learn some of the harder level 10 skills without learning all of them.

you have to go to an event that does level testing… lots of clubs have them man…

and i know … I freakin learned how to coast before i could glide… and that crap was weird…

it was funny at naucc… dallas thought it was the strangest things ever seeing me coast after the trials competition…
“of all the random skills i expected you to have phil”

could someone plz contribute to the levels?

Edited. A lot better IMO, not that this is a good idea.
I don’t know how I would add combos into this.

EDIT: Because I don’t know how I would go around adding combos I would be level 5 once I can 360 unispin… not very accurate.

Lol yeah this isnt a good idea. Good idea if you dumb it down a bit and totally get rid of combos. If you can do one trick clean, its combo-able, so don’t bother.

This list should be writen by a flat rider. If anyone were to take it serious.

Also, 180 unispin should be in level 1 :stuck_out_tongue: and rolling wrap should be in level 3. Level 10 should be godly, as in, tricks that havnt been landed yet.

Nobody lands 610 unispins, 630 makes more sense. :wink:

But in general I don’t really like the idea.

Level 10 is obviously a Spencer Flip.

Like 5spin on wheel, 900 unispin (on flat), 810 unispin, quad wrap, super wrap with another legwrap before and after (not in a roll), and Spencer flip :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Oops! 2nd time I did this…
But I agree it is a bad idea and I made my non-combo levels to show how it is not a good idea (and because the other one was horrible (no offence)).

Never speak of 5spins on wheel ever again. Do not mention them to loic or kriz or anyone. I CALL DIBS DAM IT.

And yeah, that kind of level 10 is better.


There’s to many tricks, combos aren’t factored in, and tricks keep being added.