10 Flatland Levels

I don’t think there’s any “used to be” element for Level 10. If you earned it, you remain it. There is no rule that you have to periodically requalify.

The biggest part in flat is the combos so i dont think we can skip them. In the levels we could have varialroll to outside and wraproll to inside we might not need the longer ones.


Unicycling is about expression/ making it look good. Yes skills are a factor but its not everything. (i.e. I would rather watch a video from Isaac Steiner or Hugo than by Shaun J.)

Why does everything have to have a guide. We are a small enough group that the “levels” could be decided by other riders not some tally sheet.

I spose. But I wouldn’t bother for things like 20 rolling wraps to 20 inside rolls. Short tech combos are much better in my oppinion.

Oh you totally beat me to it, I was going to say that. The spencer-flip (900 flip) is going to be so awesome.

I can think of one good reason: to proliferate flat amongst the general populace.

In other words, as a non-flat rider I’d like to know where to start. Level 1 should introduce base flat skills, and each proceeding level should build on the that before it.

It’s not about who is better, that is for competitions and ego surfers. Most combinations would be performed in competition but you first must learn each skill before combining them. Personally, I’d love for this group to come up with a serious list of levels/skills/stages or whatever you want to call them so I could start somewhere. Tutorials on each skill would be awesome!

+1 thats exactly y i made this thread im just starting flat
could some1 right a shot explanation of these tricks

180 body varial
backroll (insideroll)
360 step over
inward varialroll
360 bodyvarial

I have never been a fan of levels because they encourage everyone to ride the same and not be creative.

…lol get real. Its obviously going to be called something like “Kriz flip”, “Adrien flip” or “Loic flip”.

I think levels are great. I followed the IUF levels for the first bit of learning I did on a unicycle because they give you ideas on where to head and roughly outline what things are harder than others. This is great to have.

I think that the effort required to put together a set of levels that properly reflects difficulty is perhaps underestimated, but it is definitely a good idea to have a set for some different styles. Sure, it won’t include all the new tricks, but it can help give someone an idea of where to go when they’ve reached a dead end, or where to start, what’s easiest to do etc.

In addition, if you’re not a fan, nobody’s forcing you to follow them either. So I think it’s good either way.