Zero plant help ! :D

I’ve been searching for tips and tutorials and I only found a crankflip tutorial whose first step is a zero plant. It was not very descriptive though :(.

I hop right foot forward so I think I should keep my left on the air, and kick and plant my right on the floor, so when I jump back to the uni my right food would be forward. But I’ve seen videos and all the people who do it this way use the left hand to hold the uni, I use the right one usually, ¿could it be the problem?.

Well, any tip, advice or tutorial is welcome.

Thx a lot :smiley:

the right vs left isnt a problem. you can do it, but i cant help. lol

As above said (cant remember who) left or right hand shouldnt matter. Its the same with feet, we all have different stances for hoping and so on. Look for Shaun Johanssens crankflip tutorial, it has a step by step guide.

the zero plant is just gonna screw you up if you want to learn how to crankflip. I learned zero plants after i learned how to flip, one tip that i dont see much around at all is to lower your seat. This will make it easier for you to keep the uni under you while you plant your foot on the ground and let the cranks flip

Yeah, good tip Jacob.

I looked a little while and could not find it. Then ran across it later by accident. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is: