Zack Baldwin's uni from Defect!

hey all jus wodering wat uni zacks using in his scene. that one with suuuper high seat and red wheel. that frame looks sick, where can i get that from? and wats the parts he uses?

also isnt this the same frame dan heaton uses in universe 2? the frame he uses has got those weeerd bearing holders zacks has in defect

thx, lemme know!

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I heard that Dan heaton Bought this frame from a guy that was learning to weld titanium. This is a Ti frame.

Dan used this frame in universe 2, and lent the frame to Zack… but Zack sold the frame after defect. Now i think that Sponge owns this frame.

this uni has a profile hub assemblie, DX wheel… i don’t know abou the seat and seatpost…

The bearing holder is a Lolipop type… Used in Myatas i think…

Search in the forum… sponge posted this uni in some threads!


EDIT: Where did youq found this pics?

i found those pics on jess riegels site.

yeah its a sweet frame i swear someone said u can get them from sumwhere? bedford maybe? i wanna know more bout this frame cos it sounds awesome. how old is it? who made it? whats its weight? can anymore be madee

is it really titanium? if so i guess its just like a ti KH longneck lol.

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  • Someone already more or less said who made it.
  • I doubt you’d find another one like it anywhere unless you commissioned someone to make you one or made it yourself
  • I’d gues it’s 3-4 years old by now but that’s just a guess
  • Yeh it’s titanium, like the triton sponge frame, which was designed by sponge on these forums, who now owns this Ti frame.

k thanks for that.

never knew that such a strange unique custom jobbie exists in such a small sport like unicycling.

the triton sponge is like the best frame rite now innit? but i heard that its got a special ti alloy like OT4 or something thats unique to russia. so i guess this Ti frames alloy is different? cos it was made in usa?
im wondering wat titanium alloy it is then

what else is there on the history of this frame?

oh yer i got word from sumwher, maybe sponge psoted it in some topic a bit ago saying that there mite be a slimmed down version with thinner diameter legs and possibly a cnc crown if people do more expensive special orders. its all custom isnt it?

You’d have to ask sponge those questions to find out probably, he might even pop in this thread… or PM him?

OT4 is the technical name for the particular type of Ti alloy. There are lots of different alloys out there. The alloy used for “The Ti” could be any number of things and I doubt that it is known anymore exactly which alloy was used. It could be an alloy from the USA or from anywhere in the world. Alot of the metal that the US uses is imported too, so it could be from anywhere.

If it was made by Bedford or commissioned by him or something, then it would more likely be Canadian made since Bedford is in Canada.

The Sponge frame is truly awesome, very light weight (barely lighter than the KH), very very strong (according to those who have tested it, stronger than the KH), very stiff (don’t know exactly in comparison to the KH but its way more stiff than my steel frames), and very nice looking.

The other advantage to Ti, is that it will take alot of abuse and it will still look brand new. Because it is hard to scratch, you won’t end up with the frame looking all scratched, dented and otherwise blemished for years, so its almost worth the price just in paint.

Also Triton Warrants their frames against breakage which is pretty awesome, but KH seems to be doing the same which is pretty neato.

The Ti is the best frame that you can buy today for street in my opinion… And for Trials too…

But i really like the design of the Baldwin/Dan Ti… Like the Domina Frame… and with long neck!

Sponge, in the start of his project, showed to Triton engineers a design like the Domina…But the engineer said that the thickness of the aluminium tube is bigger than a Ti tube for a unicycle, so it’s possible weld a frame like the domina… But with the Ti, the tube thick is smaller, and you can’t weld!

And Jamieknox11, i really liked this site… theres a lot of videos of Baldwin…

Someone knows whant happened with Zack? He still riding?


Zack is still around and kicking, just not posting on the forums too much or riding a ton.

Also you can get Triton frames made with a long neck. I also prefer the frame to a domina one because its much nicer on the knees and the crown is still great for flatland tricks and many many freestyle stuff. The only thing I don’t love it for (I still don’t mind it though) is stand up tricks.

Hey there, yep I have The Ti now, it’s an awesome uni. I’m not entirely sure of what titanium alloy it is, but it’s extremely lightweight (400g or so?.. which is over 100g lighter than the 2nd lightest… Triton).

It was Dan’s who let Zack borrow, who then sold it on to Isaac LeMasters, who then traded it on to me. :slight_smile:

For the Triton, I first talked to Dmitry about a design similar to my ‘Ti’ frame, as it was the initial inspiration for producing titanium frames. That design was rejected (advised against, actually) because the way that the tubes of the crown join the legs at a 45 degree angle wasn’t good for tubing as thin as 1mm. KH and Dominas can do this as aluminium tubing can be obtained in thicker 2mm. It’s all to do with weld-contact area, nothing to do with material strength. If alu tubes were 1mm thick at that join area, they’d snap like crackers.

My Ti just about holds up to that design, but it needed to later have ‘cross-welds’ welded across the 45 degree join to further reinforce it. It works really well, and I bet it’ll outlast any aluminium frame out there right now; but I decided to pursue an overall better design for the Triton Sponge.

The Triton’s crown design is pretty much as strong as can be for a tubed crown. It’s also the stiffest frame by far out there, (you can hardly flex the legs together), when I compared it to several steel frames I’ve used and the XTP and KH. Though its price tag is quite high, it can’t be helped as the costs of raw materials is extremely high, much more so than common taiwanese aluminium. Still, with the 1mm tubes, the Triton is also the most resistant frame to dents and scratches, those who own one will know this well. You’d have to crash down as hard as you can with a hammer to even put a small ding into into it (yep, it’s been tried as a test, and there was hardly any denting). Scratches don’t really even show up due to them blending very well with the raw titanium colour. I’d say confidently, and in all honesty, that after having used almost every high-end frame there has been for trials, the Triton is confidently the strongest, lightest, and stiffest. What’s more, it’s got a warranty against any breakage or fault, and titanium can always be rewelded at any point back to 100% strenght, or even greater if you want reinforcements. (aluminium and steel rewelding isn’t as successful for frame strength due to their properties).

Overall, I’d say titanium is the greatest of the three major metals used in uni frame building. Though alloys vary, titanium is far far more reliable than any aluminum alloy currently. All frame makers know this, but alu is great as it’s cheap whilst being light…

A tiny handful of people are fussing over the Triton’s slightly thicker legs nearer the bearing holders. They extend larger towards the bottom to provide maximum weld-contact area to the bearing holder for optimum strength. However, if you’re still fussed about the aesthetics, then just specially request for the legs to be made straight-blade (like the XTP and Domina legs are). It’ll save even more weight at the same time. I wonder how much a slimmed down version will weigh? CNC’d crowns, CNC’d bearing holders… they are all possibilities for the future, for the Triton is almost endlessly modifiable, placing it in a far more advantageous position than its rival aluminium (and steel)

I actually like the legs widening towards the bearing holders. Makes it look kewl and badass! And it’s true about the scratches, you have to look for them to be able to see, even on the letters. I’ve been pretty careful with riding it, but still, scratches are unavoidable, I think.

sick man, so how does the Ti frame ride? since its so damn light aint it?

4 years or so, man thats a long time. even for a frame. Aint it quite legendary cos it was used in U2 and defect, and ridden by 2 former world champs who happened to both revolutionise street (dan) and trials (zack) on this very uni

wud make an ace glass-case antique

does anyone else know more on this frame?

as sponge i’m sure knows, I’ve admired this frame too over the years.

i faintly remember someone having some pics and a little vid on dan and this frame on a random unicyclist’s personal website back in 2001/2. so, it has been around for about that long. handed down through 4 different riders, and it’s still going, with the addition of those reinforcements.

another thing that’s interesting about zack’s version of the Ti, is that he did a custom job with the thompson seat post with his carbon fibre base. this was completely custom and before the wallis de-rail option was available. he wasn’t alone in this, if you recall. if any of you remember when ryan atkins (and jeff groves) were testing out the semper uni alum. frame, ryan was rocking the custom thompson-to-carbon base as well. the semper was one of the first ideas for an alum. trials frame, and it was also longneck like the Ti, but ultimately was weak at the joint in the crown where the seat tube was pressed into a cnc’d crown piece.

you’d have to look at pics on to see how zack went about doing it. rather crude, eh?

I’m glad younger people can still recall zack’s riding. i know it wasn’t that long ago, but things tend to change fast in our world, our sport. and if zack doesn’t come back to riding full force, at least there are those of us who will keep his spirit alive. some of my riding owes a debt to what he laid down.

I remember seeing on a Japanese site a Ti Miyata that looked exacly, or VERY similar to, Zack’s uni (I think it was this site, it’s not there now, but a similar looking wheel is). If I remember correctly it was listed at the equivalent of $800, complete (about a year ago).

It’s been rewelded several times (one of the nice things of Ti, making it essentially last forever).

im still allive…haha I never come on this site anymore and dont really ride anymore…I love riding but I have a full time job and am living a totally different life now. Yes I did get that frame from dan and had it rewelded in japan. It was cracked at the fork legs. anyway I hop on my kh20 now and then but I just dont have the intersest and drive I used to. Im now doing alot of down hill mountain biking and motor cycle trials these days, Its VERY fun and really exciting!

hah pwnd.

o sick zack’s still here :stuck_out_tongue:

i love this uni so much. i wish i had it lol. take good care of it spongey, uve got the forerunner and legend of all great trials frames. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

lemme know if u wanna sell it any time!

btw, where do u get red dx32s from?

also i heard that the lollipops got modded a bit cos apparently there were problems with crank tightening and stuff before. and some bearing slip i dunno

what typa lollis ar they anyways?

see 2 posts above you …

kk, sorry didnt know it was bedford hardcore. u still runnin the dx32 then?

also, to the guy who posted just above me… lol did u get a white tryall? :stuck_out_tongue: i hope you got it on special offer or discount… cos aint they like $20 or £10 more than normal tryalls which look way bettter anyways

i think it looks sick

but you can have your opinion on it :roll_eyes: