Yuni clearance question

i have a 24" yuni frame with a 3" gazz. i was wondering if it’s possible to crimp the tubing around the wheel to create better lateral tire clearance without affecting the frames strength? is this something that can be done now that the frame is welded together or something that needs to be done prior to welding? if it’s possible, what is the best method to achieve it? straight muscle it cold or do i need to heat the tubing then crimp? the affect i’m going after is similar to that of the chris reeder “ears” frame.

I don’t know anything about the crimping process but I’ve had my frame crimped a couple of times to add clearance after it has been welded. There were no problems with this. It’ll be fine as long as your frame’s not painted. From what I gather trhe frame doesn’t actually have to be that strong so I don’t think crimping will cause any problems.

Have much clearance have you got at the moment? Even with the crimping I’ve only got about 2mm each side. There was a little misunderstanding when I had it made (custom made by a guy who builds wheelchairs).

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it’s somewhere around 2-4 mm on each side. what tools did they use to crimp your frame?? my frame is chrome plated so the plating will probably break up around the crimp. i’d have to seal it back up somehow after since that area would be prone to rust.

Sorry, but as I said, I don’t know anything about the crimping process.

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thanx to the monkey,we have this…



great!! nice diagram. i’ll have to try and rig something up.

Yah, know, I just might try that. As it is, I’ve found the Yuni with a Gazz to be pretty much useless when trying to ride in thick goopy mud with the 2 mm side clearance.