Yuni 20-inch Trials with Profile Hub

I bought the Yuni trials unicycle with Profile hub a few months ago and overall I am very pleased with it. I decided to go with the Profile splined hub because it was made in North America, my budget allowed for it, and I have a Profile hub on my Muni and was very satifisfied with its durability.

The Uni comes with the Luna tire, Alex DX-32 rim, KH seat, and of course the Yuni frame and Profile hub/cranks. I got the black cranks and chrome frame; that combination looks OK but I would have preferred a black frame but they didn’t have that option available at the time.

I am not very experienced with trials, however the tire’s performance seems like it is very sensitive to pressure. Too much pressure and you can’t get enough bounce, too little and you bottom out on the rim during drops.

The rim is holding up very well and looks nice with its black/chrome combination. I’ve bottomed the rim a bunch of times on some drops and it’s held up. But I’ve only done maybe 2-3’ drops on it so far.

The KH seat is OK, perhaps a little hard for my taste. I’ve crunched my boys a few times by just moving around the seat. I guess I’m used to an air saddle. The handle is comfortable in either hand and the seat has held up well so far.

The Profile hub does not have the infamous creaking that my other Profile has. I’ve gotten used to the creaking on my Muni so even if this one had the creaking it wouldn’t have bothered me. One of the crank bolts fell out and I had to replace it and was kinda expensive (like $8 or something). I put a new one on and it’s stayed in place.

I have not had to perform any other maintenance on the uni other than inflating the tire.

I replaced the plastic BMX pedals it came with some cheapo metal BMX pedals, they work much better.

I was going to replace the Yuni frame with a KH frame but now that I have the Yuni frame I may stick with it.

Overall the uni feels very solid, no looseness, noise or slop in the cranks/hub or in the rest of the Uni.

I can recommend this trials Uni if you have the money and don’t want to worry about breaking stuff.

Since feels the need to torment me and not have a picture can you post some

Bump I too would like to see pics.

Is this pic too dark? If not, I can post more. Just let me know.


yes, i have that same uni, its great, i thrash it and it keeps on going.