You've lost a wheel

Today, on my ride around the lake at a small neighborhood park, I reversed roles with the other people using the road to rollerblade and ride their bicycles. As I approached a cyclist or in-line skater, I would smile and ask “How do you ride that thing (those things) with so many wheels?” I always recieved a laugh or at least a smile in return!! I also received many positive comments as I rode past people on my MUni. Most were pleasantly shocked to see a unicylist there, as I am sure I am the first to ride one in that general area!

Re: You’ve lost a wheel

i have great, if childish fun, exclaiming “LOOK AT THAT! a TWO-WHEEL UNICYCLE!”

i’m quite sure this is by no means original
it remains great fun esp if u get the timing just right and manage to get it out as they draw breath to enquire as to the whereabouts of your ‘other wheel’

forget about ‘answers to where’s your other wheel?’
focus on the preswers

mmmmmhhhh, i feel like a beer now