[Your Text Here] Street Unicycling - New Zealand

The latest from myself and some of the New Plymouth crew. I made this to show people at the video night of the NZ Uni Weekend 08 that’s just been (and was positively AWESOME!) but I was under time pressure so I apologise for the lack of range of people; I just had to work with what footage I had.

So yea, hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment: on riding, filming, editing, music; whatever you liked or didn’t.


Loved the editing in this one man, forgot to tell you at movie night.

Yeah same.The editing and music owned.Especially the clouds on the building at the beginning.

Very nice editing! and i liked your onehanded sexchanges :slight_smile:

that was SICK
one of the best vids i’ve seen the last months, editing was just perfect!

beautiful. usually dont enjoy too much street but this vid was fun to watch. editing and song was chill. :sunglasses:

jarom your a nerd…:stuck_out_tongue:
SWEET editing. i didnt have trouble watching the whole thing. I didnt even fast forward a little bit! lol

great editing, especially at the start. It seemed shorter than it actually was though… the sign of a good vid!

Great Video. Also, I like your hat. Anything with a propeller is a thumbs up in my books.

Really nice video. I enjoyed watching it. It’s nice to see a group of riders that have a good skill level range between them all in one video.

The music works well with it I though.

Sweet vid man, a little slow for me, but other then that it was amazing.

Thanks for all the awesome feedback guys, and please keep it coming. I’m glad you found the video so watchable, we had a lot of fun making it. I’d been wanting to make a vid to that song for a while because it always gets me in a really inspired mood, and I think it turned out great.

I’ll try and upload a higher quality version to Vimeo when I get the chance but our internet seems really slow at the moment.

Haha glad you noticed! That’s my Disneyland hat, it’s amazing. Makes me jump way higher too :stuck_out_tongue:

Chris and Michael: Thanks guys. Your vids dominated too. Glad you liked the time lapse at the start; everyone loves a good time lapse!