Your Dream Fliptrick Run.

Hey so this thread is 4 months old but can anyone tell me if the fakie sex change has been landed yet?

Someone to do a backflip and while they’re in mid-air. Land their hands on the ground push down and complete the backflip. That would be awesome.

Roll hop up a table, 180, true backflip off it.

just one crankflip ,would do me:) :slight_smile:

i would like to see someone jump up onto a ledge, do a true backflip off it whilst doing a crankflip.

I can do that. Should I film it?


yes, film it.

howabout a triple backflip:)

I’m pretty close…


When you flip is your dominant foot back?

In football (soccer) my right foot is what I use to kick the ball. In skateboarding my right foot is back (I skate regular). In unicycling my right foot is back too (I also jump to the left, if thats any help haha). I would say I am right foot dominant.


Just do a trick off something/on something which hasent been seen befor- That would look cool;)

Oh ok. I flip with my left foot back and my whole left side is retarded and its really hard for me to get any power into backflips.
I wish I was right foot back because backflips look way better than forward flips.

Ok i got a trick you might be able to do shaun, Donkey kick off a table?

double or nothing :sunglasses:

how about just a true front flip off of a picnic table. how hard can that be?

Not overly it just takes alot of guts^^. Just flip as fast as you can.

And get a good prehop. Jk I don’t know if that would help. But maybe:) .

i wish i could do 2 crankflips right after each other…just flip,land,flip and land…

kinda of off topic, but will someone please post a link to shaun’s gallery on here…thanks