Your Dream Fliptrick Run.

shaun doesn’t use the gallery i don’t think but if you check out you’ll find most of his stuff there.


Yes, KlownLife is right, nearly all of Shauns stuff is availiable at You will find a folder called “Shauns world” under Channels / movies. There is a lot of his work inside.

I also think it could be usefull to remind some of you to the words of Shouns first posting in this thread, he wrote:


There are a few early vids here of his 720 spins

Jeez, another crankflip thread!

Im getting so tired of crankflips, they are so overused.


It isn’t a new thread though, it was started in july.



Exactly the same for me but when unicycling, i feel more comfortable to flip with my left foot, i am more confident on pedal grabs with my left foot. When long jumping (without unicycle :roll_eyes: ) or playing basketball i jump with my left foot
I would say i am left foot dominant.

Just to follow the thread, my dream fliptrick run would be short and efficient (it’s a dream, isn’t it)

fakie 180 flip (just because i like it a lot)
varial doubleflip (landed seat in)


You go big manu haha.

Hmmmmm, also on under sponsored riders and shaun Johanneson you can download a lot of my recent work.

Flips are fun. haha. I’ve been hearing a lot of news about some other things in the mists. Sadly I won’t be able to seriously ride for another three months. But when season comes back i’ll be at it hard again. Really excited. I’ve got some tricks that I really want to go down. Maybe some bangers, but going big sucks. But yeah really excited about this next season. If weather ever gets above 0 C, around here when i’m off for schooling i’ll go out and try to film some goods, but i’ll be really rusty. haha.

-Shaun Johanneson