You know youre a unicyclist when...

I saw a similar thread to this on an mtb forum a couple of years back. This week I’m on holiday with my family and haven’t got my uni, but was looking at boulders, railings, kerbs, and other “street furniture” imagining trails lines. Don’t get me wrong, I would not be able ride these things yet, but the thought was there!
So , you know your a unicyclist when (1) you imagine you’re riding a line even though you don’t have your uni.
(2) you fall and hurt yourself, but still get up thinking “nearly - 1 more try and I’ll get it…”
(3) you look for any opportunity to ride - ie I live around 150m from work, but now ride it instead of walking.
That’s me for a start, anyone else got anything to add to the list?

You keep trying to freemount bar stools…

This thread already exists here. :slight_smile:

Wow, you even had nearly the exact same title as the other thread… :smiley:

Well I guess if I’m not the first to think of this thread with this name it must be a good idea! I will have to use the search function for other things as well as advice and tutorials in future.

I am glad you didn’t otherwise AEV D. would not have posted the link to the original thread.:slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing this out I am up to page 17 and still laughing!:smiley: