You know what sucks

Waiting a week to get my damn wheel rebuilt witht the damn suzue hub in it!

or hurting your knee so you can’t unicycle for a week!

god i hate waiting,


but i love whining to others i find they become very ticked off

you know what also sucks?

k both my bumpers on my &*#$ing viscount seat keep falling off so i ordered my very first miyata sunday so i have to wait until at least like saturday to get it. I hate waiting but i cant wait to get a REAL seat!!you know what also sucks? ill have to get the kris holm velo when it comes out anyway so ill have paid about $90can to get a miyata which i will only use until the velo one comes out. ugh. theres my bitch of the week

Ya i hate waiting…

Jesse did you order your seat from bedford? he sells em for about $70 with the post, and i think its $12 shipping to alberta

… Having ridden only 1 year and been down with a cracked rib for two months and an additional 2 months from a messed up ankle. … all Muni related injuries. That’s four months out of the first year spent “on the bench”.

The only good out of all of this, is that my custom frame is being built whilst I rest up the ankle.

Dieing to ride every day, but can’t.:frowning:

Working the maze… cough, gasp, … ughhhh, nuts!! :angry: