📧 You can now create new topics via email

Hey! :uni:

For those who use emails a lot and/or want to post on unicyclist.com from work if they can’t freely browse the Web :smirk:

You can now post new topics in most categories via email :slight_smile:

Feel free to share any issue if a topic isn’t posted.

:information_source: The topic will be published after 5 minutes at most.


Out of curiosity is the email functionality used often? Very cool to have options but I love the site and it’s GUI myself. So simple and nice :slight_smile:

People often (daily) reply to PMs or topics by email since the new software.

Creating a new topic is less straightforward (since you have to create an email instead of replying to one), wasn’t configured until now and I believe it won’t be used a lot. Still, it’s a nice addition :slight_smile:

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The important question is… will I get another badge if I do this? :laughing:


There is no associated badge… Is someone knows how to create a Discourse SQL query for this, it could be done. I don’t have the skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, there’s 1 badge when we reply by email:


Given the query, it should be granted even when we create a topic despite the badge mentioning “first reply”.

Post.select(:id, :created_at, :user_id)
.where(via_email: true)
.where("post_number > 1")
.find_in_batches do |group|
    group.each { |p| to_award[p.user_id] ||= { post_id: p.id, created_at: p.created_at } }

Seems fairly simple, and I could probably create a custom badge for new topics created by email as well… :smile:


Don’t make a new badge on my account. I was only half serious. I wouldn’t want you to put the effort in for my sake.

P.S. I already have the one for replies! :wink:


20 posts were split to a new topic: Meaningless topic

I started a new thread by email earlier - took a while to appear for me, but otherwise worked, except I needed to edit it here to get a video link to work. Didn’t get the email badge (yet) however.

Badges are triggered by background jobs that run like once every day or something like this, so it’s not instant.

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Thanks - I waited a day but then decided to reply to this by email - belt and braces - and all this for a more meaningful badge! :wink:

So… The email badge appears immediately when I replied by email as above (as intended), but didn’t appear even after a day when I started a new topic by email. So I think it still only works for replying - which is what it says it works for, so no problems

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I think the badge description mentions only “replies” and a first post isn’t a reply, so that’s logical, but in my opinion the badge should be granted when we create a topic, and description re-written to take this into account. :smile:

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