!!! Yoggi leave koxx one !!!

Dear all

I am very sad to announce you i am not working for Koxx One any more.
My relationship with my partner Koxx became worst and worst day by day so I have decided to leave Koxx One after Unicon XIV come back…
I have given everything for Koxx one during 4 years and I never plan to stop working for Koxx one like that.
I am now working on Extreme Unicycle Championship (EUC) organisation for the winter edition in Germany and the Summer edition next summe in France, I realy wish to see all of you there !

Best Unicyclist regards

I just heard this from Marco, was realy surpriced by the news.
I don’t know why it’s happend, but I just wanna say you did some great things with Koxx One. While I didn’t like some stuff that happend, I do like that you pushed unicycles to a next level with the XTP, Black Domina II and other colourfull and unique designs.
So it is a sad day for unicycling, will ride my XTP today in honour of it’s designer :wink:
Still, I hope you still will ride and make a few vids.

BTW: Hope to be at EUC in Germany, but that depends on my work :wink:

Hey Yoggi!

Sorry to hear that, everbody know that you did a lot for unicycling and for Koxx!

I wish good luck on your new projects,

See you at Wuko!

PS: there’s another thread about you leaving koxx here!


Sorry to hear it wasn’t working out:(

crys Yoggi NOOO :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I also loved watching you ride :’(I hope everything turns out for the better for you however :slight_smile: Come to Unicon XV I want to meet you :smiley:

Goodluck :slight_smile:


he never said he’s not riding anymore…

The championship in germany, is it international or is it just for germans?

Sure it is open for everybody. On nearly every convention the host likes it if people from other countrys come. Only if it is called “german championship” people who are from different countrys have a disadavantage. Usualy they can competed (except on most BDR events, but they luckily make only freestyle and race competitions) but they cant be the german champion.

Sorry to hear this Yoggi.

Just an idea though… you might want to change your screen name and avitar now. Or open a new account on here. :slight_smile:


really sad that you leave koxx1

you have done really good work at designing unicycles and your videos were good too…:wink:

see you at EUC;)


So what are your Plans Now?

So what are your plans now? Are we going to see a new brand come out?

Is Koxx going to still make unicycles? If yes then who is going to replace you there?

It should be interesting! Good Luck Yoggi is whatever you do.