Yoggi frontflip

Just saw this and im not sure what to make of it.Seen yoggi do one into water in the koxx one dvd.

Woah! he didn’t land it though did he?

Those spokes sound horrible.:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha… Who even cares anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Frontflip’s old news.:smiley:

That’s sick.

It says in the description
“I tried front flip in 2005 in Copenhagen near Christiania comunity
I didn’t succeed it even if I was not so far”

Lol sweet.

Definitely some potential there.

muniflips ftw :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

That was awesome!

Realy nice, I didnt knew that people tried it that early.
Bad that he didnt posted it earlier, I bet many people would do frontlips now if he had.

It would be nice if these frontflip videos would actually show the rider landing the trick.

Cool, another frontflip. I wouldn’t do anything big with spokes like that, it sounds scary. so, who’s next? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that into a big pile of leafs or something?

You can see him fall out of view when he lands, then kind of comes back up lower in the shot, I feel like if he really fell, he wouldn’t have been up so fast.

Its pretty hard to tell, but scruttenizing the sound, it sounds like he landed on wood and did 2 corrective hops.
Its cool to see this move applied to muni.

He said that he failed in the description…
Its also not just “another” frontflip, it was one of the first, maybe even the first one ever tried. The video is from 2005!