Yet another ripped Miyata


For the sake of docmentation I am sad to report that I ripped my
Miyata’s front handle yesterday. Like so many others, it was torn along
the inside edge where it curves.


velo, miyata, velo, miyata…

That is a sad report indeed. Am I to believe then that the Miyata is perhaps not the greatest uni seat on the planet? Does anyone know if the Velo seat has this same problem, or if the course of time has proven helpful to the engineers of unicycle seats? I would like to get a Velo, but the Miyatas seem to be easier to find and come with more unicycles and are also less expensive. I mean, for documentation as well… just so the world knows and stuff… yeah.

Also, is there a cure for this ripping of seats? A reinforcement of some kind? Replacement parts that are cheap? Or is the unicycling world forced to find a new favourite seat? :thinking: Ack! I’m just out of it.

So far, this fix is working well…

Not bad looking.

How much riding have you been doing since the repair?
Would you suggest doing it before it rips?


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Re: velo, miyata, velo, miyata…

I’ve got through two miyata seats, on in less than two weeks… but my Velo is still going strong and shows no sign of stopping, despite me treating it fairly roughly.

Heh… you’re in the wrong country… :smiley:

Phil, just me

I’ve applied the Yoopers fix to about 6 unicycles so far, and nary a failure yet despite lots of riding. I consider it to be preventative maintenance now and apply the fix to unicycles that haven’t even been ridden yet.

I posted a parts list here:

It’s a brilliant fix to a super annoying problem.

Has anyone else tried this? I think it might be a very good solution to the Miyata handle problem. Now I just have to find black nuts and bolts, or do you thing it would look nice with silver?


Improved miyata seat

I have and idea on how to fix this problem. If your seat handle does shatter i think the best solution would be buying the new wilder lift handle. It does look a lot sturdier and has a better grip on it. The thing is made out of thick plastic and is a bundle of money though. Maybe miyata should get to making these on their seats. If you want to check it out this is the URL:

Re: Yet another ripped Miyata

Or, you could not spend thousands of dollars and get the kinport handle AND
matching rear bumper for mere pennies.
Object prices may be less exaggerated than they actually appear.


Not really

The Kinport handle is the pretty much same thing as the miyata handle, Which here is said to break a lot right here.

hey Unimoron

your confuzed,the Kinports dont break!you said you’ve read on here that they do?i challenge you to find any thread that says ill of them…they are great us a favor and dont spread lies about a good product.

P.S.welcome to the boards

Re: Not really

That is absolutely not true. I have purchased, worked with, installed, and ridden with both. The Kinport is made of super-tough plastic and is much much stronger than the Miyata. I must also say that I think the Miyata is more comfortable, especially for hopping. I have drilled my Kinport out and shaped and taped it, though, so that now it is pretty nice; probably as comfortable as any non-Reeder handle out there. For freestyle applications that cannot use the Yoopers fix, though, such as on gym floors, the Kinport is fine as is.

Re: Yet another ripped Miyata

The kinport handle will not break. I’ve used both the new and old miyata
handles and have broken both. My kinport is still in awesome shape. I can’t
wait to see Joe Rowing’s new seat! It should be awesome!


Well, sorry, to dig up this forum, and I have to apologize, I have judged this handle by looks, I never actually worked with or seen a Kinport handle for real. I jumped to conclusions. Sorry for saying it breaks though.

Well said, Unimoron - but now you’ll have to come up with a new name, 'cause it doesn’t fit!

I see what you mean. I’ll use my original name, i use it everywhere.:slight_smile:

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