yet another color scheme foir my trials uni

I amuse myself by thinking of ways to paint my trials uni so, after looking at Koxx unis, thought of two things…

frame p. coated black
Hot pink seatclamp
black seatpost
hot pink rim
black seat

frame p. coated black
white seat clamp
black seatpost
white rim
black seat

yea, I know I stole the idea from the koxx white widow and pink lady unis, but whaqt do you guys think?

i think theyre both nice colour choices. if i could paint a trials uni i’d paint it like this.

full pink seat + bumpers and handle
black seatpost
pink seat clamp
black frame
pink hub
black cranks
black spokes
pink rim
pink pedals

I Think You Should Put Some Nice Thout In Your Uni Like A Pic Or A Design And I Kind Of Like The Last Idea:)

pink hub :astonished:

I didn’t understand what you were talking about JAUNGANi

im sorry let me explain… i do like your last idea of colering the uni white and black. but i also think that in order to have a truly unique or nice uni you should have a design or a picture on it to make it look attractive:)

oh and i read over my post again and i didn’t realy understand it either:o sorry for the inconvinience this may have caused you :sunglasses:

hmmm, good idea. I could do white or pink flames, but I think that that would look a little bit cheesy. I’ll think about that,

just go ride i think its kinda stupid to worry about how your uni looks…

i mean your not going to attract any more stares rideing around on a pink uni as you would on a stock one all you get when you want a pretty lookin uni is less money in your pocket

I have a pink hub from profile.

ok tigger that is probably the coolest unicycle part i’ve ever heard of

here it is!


oh, that is beautiful :smiley:

id go with the white rim & clamp & and black frame


that is totally the coolest uni part ever. Now you need pink cranks.
where did you get it?

lol I thought of hot pink to black fading on frame and pink rim like a week ago. I don’t think I posted it though.

i like mine the way it is …

black and red seat
black seatpost
red rim
black tire
black hub
black spokes
red cranks
black pedals

it’s cool :smiley:

to tell you the truth… i just want the poopcycle with some 127mm cranks…


for some reason im thinking you have a 2006 torker DX
but i don’t know where that idea came from :wink: