Yes or No on a 20" Flatland Uni


Currently I have a 19" unicycle with top grade parts, at least for flatland/street. But I also have a modified Torker LX with a huge, relatively low pressure 20" tire (I think it’s a Schwalbe 20x2.35 or something). I also have a BC wheel with a 20" double walled rim… Anyway, I was thinking about ordering some spokes and putting the double walled rim and the nice tire on my main quality unicycle. That would give me one unicycle, but for now no freestyle uni or bc wheel. But that would probably change in the future with some simple changing/ordering of parts.

So basically I wanted to know what you guys would prefer: A 20" uni with a big smooth tire for mainly flatland vs. having a 19" uni w/ a trials tire for flatland and a 20" freestyle unicycle and a BC wheel.

Thanks for the opinions!

I prefer a freestyle for flatland anyways…

That would be Brian O with his snazzy nimbus dj rim. That is no lx, looks like a top machine to me. I think it has a koxx hub with trial cranks since he can’t afford the street ones yet or something.

Well I guess what I’m saying is that I have all the good parts on one uni, except for the smooth tire. But what I would like to know from you guys is whether you would prefer a 20" with a smooth tire or a 19" with a trials tire for flatland. Because I suppose I could always shave my trials tire…

I would say a 20 inch simply because its lighter.

Well to get specific, the 20" rim is a Sun BFR and the 19" is a KH. I’m not positive which one is lighter but I imagine they’re about the same since the KH is drilled.

Sun is probably much lighter. The rim isnt the only part of the wheel…

While I’ve got a relatively strong bmx uni I don’t ride flatland so I can’t give much advice as far as that goes. I’m a street rider and thats why I have the trials cranks. No need for the weaker nubbed flatland cranks.