i rode a uni for preety much the first time today and went about 15 feet.
and i am really close to learning how to free mount.
you guys probaly dont care but im gonna post anyway

Congratulations! If you want any tips on learning to ride check out www.unicycle.2ya.com . There’s a video tutorial on freemounting there too.

Good luck,

15 feet? HA!!!

more like 6 feet

but u are doing good…

no evan,
it was more then 6 feet but notice that i said “about 15 feet” so somewhere in the 15 foot range

that’s cool congrats!
haha. you’re learning faster than i was!
i’m jealous!

sorry will…

would you like to bet on it???

similar experiences have happened to me. in every case (except for one, where the man was waaay too short to reach the pedals on my 24) the person was able to freemount and ride decently. also, in every case the person was very surprised by how “hardcore” unicycles have become. They remembered their old schwinns and now see 3" wide Gazzs and quarter inch pins on the pedals.

um… wrong thread buddy

wrong thread?


wow, thats really weird. i definitely hit reply to the ‘never forgetting’ thread. no idea how that happened.