I’ve been trying to jump a 16" up 24" over 2 stgair thingy for the past 2 weeks. I thought I had lost some of my jump height because i could not get that high, but I’d done it before. So i decided to let some air out of my tire(My older brother had pumped it up cause he weighs alot more than me, and it feels weird to him low) well i think I let out about 10 PSI or so and immediately i felt the extra bounciness oh it felt so good. So then i tried it… landed it with a prehop and then did it with out a prehop… I know 16" isn’t very good for seat out But I haven’t been practicing as much lately, And i always just did rolling hops before, then like 2 months ago i decided to try seat out. Not that great but I’m so Happy!

I’m trying to learn seat out hops, but it’s hard when it’s snowy so you practice in your garage where it’s about a billion degrees below zero so you have to go in for hot chocolate in five minutes anyway. I used to like the snow before I unicycled.

Im also trying to learn seat out hops, im having massive troubles though, for some reason whenever i jump and pull up the seat i cant keep the wheel strait (and i cant get any height) so i come down a bit akward and chop my leg apart with the wheel

How long have you been jumping seat out? You should try just hopping seat out… not trying to jump but just getting balance without your seat under you. Also if you tell what you do when you jump, Someone might be able to help you more.

If it’s cold when you practice your not practicing hard enough. Just put on more clothes. Usually I only wear some thin clothes and gloves and still get all sweaty. Well, it’s not that cold outside but there is snow and ice. I even don’t have the possibility of practicing inside. Except for my flat where I really won’t practice hopping. There’s nothing to hop on:( . And neighbours sure wouldn’t like me making all that noise.

You’ve been trying that for two weeks? Dang, that’s a long time. Actually there was this two set stair that i had been trying to rolling hop up and it took me forever, but when i finally got it, it was the second best thing since learning how to ride the darn thing :slight_smile:
Good job and don’t slow down now.

I hop one or two times holding the seat by the side of it with my right hand right and kind of stabilizing it with my thigh, then i jump from the pedals forcing my body up and then i try to pull the seat up with me and sort of like “sit” on the tire. But i dont really sit on the tire thats just only way how i can describe it. The problem is when i jump the seat that im holding on to always forces left and then i come down sort of pivoted and with lack of any altitutude. Im not sure if the problem could be that im using a 24’ torker (black) or what but i have a summit on the way from uni.com…I also took some pressure out of my tire which helped a ton, it was pretty solid before that. I’ve only been trying about 1.5 - 2 weeks.

On subject: Congrats on you getting your seat out jump goal, i wish i were you! keep it up

Yay again! i got out my pallets today and landed 19 1/2" with a prehop WOOT! and i can jump 21" rolling hop.

Wow, nice!
About a week ago I measured most of the hops in my neghborhood, and the biggest one I regularly did was about 19.5". I’ve since then built a board that raises it to 22", but I’m not as consistent with that one, about 8/10 when I’m warmed up. I find it’s alot of fun to go out riding, and just jump everything. I did that in the Embarcaderro in SF and I landed a 26" and a bunch of 23" (seat out). Then I came home and everything looked easy, I need some new obstacles.

Find a bunch of pallets…

just start jumping everything seat out, not just big hops. go up stairs one by one seat out and you will get used to it and big jumps will be nothing.

its so cool how your perception of obstacles changes. i remember when a 20" obstacle looked intimidating, but now it looks like nothing.

20’ would be like a rebirth for me, i dont get much altitude at all…and i cant jump to my right real naturally either ah well. Ill work on it

I went back outside 2 days ago and almost made 19 3/4" w/o a prehop. Then I went outside yesterday and landed a 25 1/2" rolling hop.