yay tyler nail unicycle new look

Hey, It is me. I finally am putting out a new video. It has been quite a while since I have made a video. The main reason was my computer troubles but there was some laziness on my part. I finally purchased a new computer and thew this together with some footage in Hawaii, my back yard and around my hometown. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6PPpcKrm1A

wow youtube quality sucks. I am uploading to vimeo right now
edit http://www.vimeo.com/1669781

Nice Tyler! You’re coasting now I see, very cool! If I can make it this Sunday, I will nail that 7 set for sure! Good job.:smiley:

ill hope to see you there terry. Oh and i can hop up 4’s now.

Pretty cool video. On those side hops only one of them look liked you had control though the others you looked like you were unbalanced and jumped back off and the last one you put your hand down haha. Still really cool video. Gliding in sandals seems hard.

thanks. Gliding in sandals is really hard because you have to hold the sandal in place with your toes and the 25% grade didn’t help either

Nice vid! My only recommendation is that you get lower camera shots, your side hop up the pallets looked really small, but I could kinda tell in comparison to the unicycle that in reality it was pretty big. Awesome job on the 7 stair too, I have yet to try anything bigger than a 5.

Hope to meet you at cal muni weekend or maybe I’ll ry to make it down for the orange county ride sunday.

Cool video.

Where was the footage in Hawaii? It kinda looked like The Road to Hana. Was it??


i am not exactly sure. we drove for several hours and ended up some place with a steep road that rental cars were not aloud down and i tried to glide down it. The parts where i am wearing sandals is in Hawaii.

How far was the drop at 1:57? (to your left)

Yeah peter i’m sure he knows the height exactly in feat :roll_eyes:

the video is only 1:27 but if you mean :57 it goes out and down at more than a 45 degree angle starting at the bottom of the wall and goes out to the ocean.