Yard Sale!

I’ve got some stuff that has outgrown its usefullness. All for sale.

KH Hub and crankset, pre 2004 style: Completely functional. Cranks are straight, 140mm. Had keyway slop but I fixed it with the green loctite method and it has held up like a champ ever since. Left crank is down to bare metal on one side from grinding, but damage is purely cosmetic. Bearings run smoothly. Perfect for someone looking for an inexpensive splined setup. Retails for $185 new. $90+shipping or best offer

Schwinn frame, seat, post, rim and hub:
Good condition. Seat and post are new. Archaic “schwinn bolt” replaced with a quick release. Rim/hub are 28h and prelaced. Just add a tire, cranks and pedals and go. Perfect for someone to learn on or for someone looking for a 20’’ unicycle. I can leave the cranks/pedals/tire on if you want, but it will cost more. $60 plus shipping or best offer. Without seat and post, $30

[b]Kinport Handle:[/b]
Lightly used. Very very few scratches. Still very stiff. Black. Fits miyata and torker saddles. One of the best handles available. $15+shipping or best offer

[b]Miyata Seatbase:[/b]
Plastic. Like new. Not much more I can say…$10+shipping or best offer

[b]Miyata Post:[/b]
New. 7/8’’. Measures 11 inches (279mm) from bottom of post to bottom of bracket. Never cut.$10+shipping

I can combine the last 3 into a pretty gnarly setup that just needs foam, a cover and a bumper. Let’s say $30 for that.

All prices are negotiable. However, I think a couple of them will go fast at the listed price, so if you want something, let me know fast. If you don’t think a price is fair, let me know through PM and we can negotiate. The only way to get a lower price is to talk to me!

I will post pics the next time I have free time, which may not be for a day or 2.

Pics; please excuse the hugeness and shitty nature of these pictures

NOTE: Things not typically included with a crankset not included.

Yard sale

Obie, check your PMs…

got one from me too.

I think we need to introduce you to the ‘resize’ button.

…and if the picture is that badly out of focus, maybe it would be better not to include it.

I think we need to introduce you to shutting the hell up. I didn’t have time or desire to shrink them. I always shrink everything else though. I know what I’m doing.


Have to say I disagree with you. The pics allow you to see the damage and that the parts are all still functional.

Everything except schwinn sold!