Xtreme games

I think it would be great to see unicycling in the Xtreme games, and tend to
agree with other posts about Muni being a good option. I think downhill MTB is
occasionally included in the games, but the current bike stuff is mainly
flatland BMX, which is relatively artistic, and close to freestyle unicycle
performances. Not wanting to take anything away from the brilliant freestyle
unicycle performances at events like the NUC, but I’m not sure that this style
of performance would really fit in with the ethos of the Xtreme games. Guys in
bike shorts and girls in skirts riding one wheeled novelty cycles would probably
not appeal to a crowd that typically prefers people with lots of tattoos, long
hair, and piercings that can get ripped off when you have a bad fall. Mmmmmmm.
But nevertheless, I think freestyle flatland or trials unicycling would
definitely fit in, especially if you could show the organisers pictures from the
Sea Otter Trials or the recent MPEGs of basic trials riding (especially the face
plants :slight_smile: Also, given the relatively low speed of Muni races compared to
downhill skateboarding (which I was watching last week - over 80kmh on a
skateboard) or street luge, it probably has less adrenalin-junkie appeal and
less danger value.

I’d push for unitrials riding.


    Let's get the feeling of the unicycling community.

How many persons feel that we should do an effort to get one or more of our
activities into the Extremes Games?

What acrtivity(ies) should we pursue?

Alberto Ruiz IUF President http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/unicon10/