XTP, Kh, Domina frame weights?

Does anyone know, or know where i can find out the weights of these frames?(KH20, XTP, Domina)



somebody said the KH is just under 1 lb

and the XTP is 600g if I remember correctly

the black domina looks WAY light, but weak

XTP = 610g
KH = 586g
Black domina = I dunno, check the Koxx-One website

They have the weights on some of the UDC websites.

Edit: I’m not sure if it’s the 06 or 07 KH frame

black domina is 575


what is the DX frame weight
in grams?

The domina isnt weak, they say to not do drops with the uni because it has the weaker isis hub…

no, im saying ryan atkins would kill that frame in like a month

just as well none of us are ryan atkins then, huh?

I bet it’s around 800 grams.

ryan woudnt kill the frame in a month… im pretty sure of it… and anyways, for trials you don’t need a longneck frame so why would a trials rider buy that ? While we r at it, I could kill a nimbus X frame on my Muni in 20 seconds…

20 seconds with a pipe cutter and a hack saw will make it a short neck frame.

While we r at it, I could kill a nimbus X frame on my Muni in 20 seconds…

By doing what? I’ve never heard of them breaking before…not even by Cody. Have you ever broken one?

I’m talking about a 20’’ freestyle frame, on a 24’’ wheel…

what is the lightest frame made?

the black african?

how about one of those carbon frames from the uk?

Yeah, those must be pretty light indeed… but i dont know if you ever seen what happens to a car with a carbonfibre hood when it gets in a car crash ? its just blows into pieces, and a frame takes ALOT of impact so I dont know if that would be smart… if you have ALOT of $ just get livewire to make you a custom frame…

personally i wouldnt get a carbon fibre frame. it wouldnt be worth it.

So does a seat base.

Indeed you seatbase takes alot of impact… but, do you hit your eatbase whne sidehoping ? also,when you land most the presure is on the cranks witch is then partly tranferd to your bearing holders, the seat base does take alot of impact but not nearly as much as the frame well anyways, when it comes to trials, for Muni or commuting a CF frame must be amazing, but I woudn’t trust it for trials… maybe for flatland stree tho.