X-Alps muni

The X-Alps muni is a transalp with municycles from Germany(Füssen) to Italy(Sterzing). In 4 days we cross the Alps on trails, singletrails and old military routes. The stages are about 40-60km and 800-1400hm but we use also cablecars to reach the top of the mountains.

The X-Alps muni ist from 11th-16th of sptember 2010.

Included is: 5 overnight stays in hotels, daily energy bars, luggage transport from hotel to hotel, costs for the cablecars, bus transfer from Sterzing return to Füssen, Guiding and the fun and action you will have the whole 4 days

For further informations: www.x-alps.com (only in german) otherwise via contact form

We hope you are interested in the 1. X-Alps muni and you will join us.

See you


Hi Gunghi,

It sounds like a great idea. I am interested but I cannot confirm yet. This Dutch forum on unicyclist.com is hardly used, but I will re-post on the much busier eenwiel.nl forum and also email to some friends.

It would be nice (for me, at least!) if some more Dutch riders would participate. I read your thread on the German forum and it looks like there’s some interest from German riders.

…it would be nice if we would have a very international rider team :smiley:



I might join. But I have to think well about it at first… :roll_eyes: Who else is coming?

Gunghi are you still checking this thread? For your info: I am currently training, as is a Dutch friend of mine. We are considering to join, I’ll have to see if I can muster the required physical condition but I think I’ll get there.

@Klaas Bil …you have already 2 months to “upgrade” your physical status :wink:
but I think you will manage it :slight_smile:

there are a handful of interested municyclers and I´m expecting more in the next months

More informations about the tour you will get the next days on our blog:
X-Alps Blog

keep on municycling!


…here are some impressions of what you can expect at the X-Alps muni:smiley:


…keep on municycling!


Did this ever happen? Looks like a great idea.

No idea how how you dug up this old thread but yes, it did happen. A group of five municyclists crossed the Alps from Germany to Italy in four riding days. It was a fun adventure.

In this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f85ye3kSmtA you mostly see just four riders. The organiser was also the one filming, so he doesn’t appear in the footage. I’m the one in red with a silver helmet.