Wunschkonzert street comp

Hey, here’s a video that Yoggi made of the Wuko street comp.


That was really really cool.

I liked the music.

Nice, there was some pretty crazy stuff in there! :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t like the music…

Did I saw a 900° unispin or was that a 540°? I didn’t saw it right.


Finally some footage :smiley: Great riding!

Yep, that was a 900 unispin.

If you guys are talking about Loic’s unispin off the pallets it was a 720. I don’t remember if he landed it.
Here’s Shaun’s run.

Awesome! :smiley:

I was missing Koxx One Videos! :o

Come on Yoggi…Put more cool videos in you amazing website :wink:

Bye :smiley:

Who won?

  1. Shaun Johanneson
  2. Loic Baud
  3. Kelly Hickman
  4. Adrien Delecroix

Wow go Kelly. He reminds me so much of Kevin, was Kevin even there or was that Kelly? (Can’t believe that Kelly beat Adrien, from the footage we just saw)

I thought Adrien would have gotten atleast 2nd from the footage we saw there, I think it showed a little too many clips of the Koxx guys…

Edit: Ahh yes, go Shaun, I still feel your pain from Fluck.

Kevin was wearing the white and blue shirt and Kelly had the red shirt.

That was cool. Thanks Yoggi and Spencer.

-Shaun Johanneson

wow, shaun killer run man.

its good to see so many consistent riders at one event. looked like a lot of fun

the whole video had some amazing riding with sweet consistency. Still think that the pole hug at the end was my favorite part.

the crankflip down the 1,6-1,8m drop was so crazy :). I thought also that Adrien would be on third place.

With that video it is impossible to tell who should have won. It’s a highlight film and does no justice to the runs. I only had about 3 clips in it, looks like I should have been last. Kelly had Adrien beat in all places expect for the big catogory. Adrien only had that because of the crankflip off big ledge. Which if you have any good flipper you know that’s not a problem to do at all. Would have looked better if he took both feet completely off the pedals, however fear will prevent that in this case. Adrien fell a lot and did too many tricks twice. Flatland wasn’t really judged by some, which is great, flatland has it’s own competition now. Also there was very little variety in Adrien’s run. Just a few flips on flat and flatland. I thought the placement was pretty just, still too much flatland in the competition though. It will slowly fad away. Spencer did an awesome job. He didn’t touch one flatland move. Mad props mate.

-Shaun Johanneson

Lol thats good to hear about Spencer. I love flat as much as the next creative street/flat rider. But it has no place in a purely street comp.

That being said, I think a new rule should be put in place that you shouldn’t be given points for doing more then one move in a row when done on flat.

(Can’t believe that Kelly beat Adrien, from the footage we just saw)




P.S. Good vid, had all my good tricks in a row :wink:

Sorry Kelly didn’t mean to offend. Its just that it showed so much footage of him doing awesome stuff, I don’t even recall seeing you at all (but I do recall seeing Kevin and you and getting you mixed up).

Like I said, it showed too much of the koxx-one guys considering they didn’t get top placings. (besides Adrien)