Wunschkonzert sideline competition (Slope Style)


I’m interested in organizing a sideline competition sometime in the day either Friday or Saturday (when the park is in use) for street (others can join) riders. I’m constucting out of pallets a 4 set, a 5 set, and a two high manny pad (similiar to FLUCK, if resources are available). These will be placed in a line starting with the 5 set, to the manny pad, to the 4 set. Hopefully a 4 pallet high air is doable by most. The course just has to be ridden through from one spot (top of the 5) until the end (bottom of the 4). The tricks preformed would be for the actual competition (all obstacles set for footy for all). However this will be informal, and there won’t be a winner. It’s more to try out the idea and have fun. Maybe something like this is best for unicycling in the X games. (If someone falls on their line, then that line is done, but there is no set to how many tries. Since this is all for fun.)

-Shaun Johanneson