Wunschkonzert Jan 2007 - Unicycling Convention in Frankfurt

Unicycling, good food, free beer and party - what else could you ask for?

For the second time, Wunschkonzert, a small but popular unicycling convention, is going to be held in a small village close to Frankfurt, Germany from January 5-7, 2007.

Although it officially is a freestyle convention, last time, there were all kinds of unicyclists from all over Europe. This year, people from Germany, Denmark and Switzerland have signed up so far. Due to limited space in the gym, the number of participants is limited to 50, so sign up quickly!

For more information and registration go to www.wunschkonzert.net .

Looking forward to meet you there!

Come on and register people! :smiley: There are already more than 30 people registered. Myself, I can’t wait, this convention is gonna be great!

by now, more than 40 people are registrated. only 50 persons are allowed, well, hurry up with our own registration!

greets Janina

FREE BEER!?!?! Man I wish I lived in Europe.

yiihaaa, this is going to be so tight! I’m realy looking forwart to it. Last year was fantastic.


panties/bras, unicycles, free beer…

You combine those three things and no matter what your gonna have a great time. :smiley:

it will be again a great convention like last year! why don´t you join us?
greets Janina

I’m coming! Check you emails.

Flights are booked… woohoo, cant wait to party :stuck_out_tongue: