Wuni video #1

So here is my first winter unicycling video for this season.

Not special riding, but I had fun.

I hope to make a much better video next week with some friends.





Entertaining, i enjoyed it. Did you get my PM?

really boring. no offense or anything but it was like 2 easy tricks and
you riding on some snow… : :thinking:

Thanks, Eli. PMed back.

It’s okay, I don’t mind if you didn’t like it. I’ll have another one in the winter that you’ll like hopefully.

But, anyone, like I said.


Yeah that was pretty boring
You should have spent a tiny bit more time to actually land the tricks you missed
How many accounts do you have on this site btw?

Okay, so really no one liked it. I had fun anyway, so I don’t care.

I will make a better one with friends with more interesting stuff, and hopefully it’ll be better.


well I actually enjoyed it even if you dint land every trick it was fun to watch :wink:

I thought it was alright, nothing wrong with a few bails in a vid. Did you ever land that 5spin in the snow? In your next wuni vid you should jump off of something big into a big pile of snow. 10’+ drop :roll_eyes: but seriously…

With videos like this its important to think about interesting camera angles and shorter shots. When the riding is less interesting you need to compensate with some nice imagery and you don’t need a super nice camera to do it.

I mean the riding in my video was even worse but it received a relatively positive welcoming, its about making it interesting to view and not taking too long to show any one particular thing. Some of your clips take a really long time to show you just riding in a straight line at really average camera angles. Keeping the camera close to the subject and low to the ground, or zoomed in close can make it a lot more visually interesting. The only clip in my video where the camera wasn’t at least half way zoomed in was the one with successful 180 and that was easily the more boring shot.

Also, with the editing, I think people should spend less time on intros and showing their names/group names/fake production company names. You took way too long just showing your name, all of us here know your name and any one else who sees the video won’t care.

With all of the constructive criticism aside, it looks like you had a ton of fun! Keep it up, I’m looking forward to the next one.

Not bad. Somewhat entertaining.

But in comparison to how your vids usually are it was kind of crappy. Your vids are w/in the top 5 of those who regularly make vids as far as entertaining and impressive videos go IMO. Your’s and those 4 or so others I always watch w/o hesitation.

Tough crowd here … I liked it though. It is harder riding in snow!
When I watch vids on here I am not expecting brilliance everytime. We are all uni riders who film our exploits for a good time. What , usually a 3 to 10 minute time investment.
Usually all I remember is someone holding their seat and hopping up and down .:smiley:
Glad you had fun.