WTT: Spirit Cranks and Handlebar Setup...

Okay so I’m tired of dumping money into my KH so I’m going to give this a shot…

I have some nearly new 137 Spirit’s that I’d like to trade for 165/137 Spirit’s. I’d add a little cash for DH’s or do a straight trade if you’ve got some older ones.

I’m also looking for some sort of handlebar mount. Nimbus or T-bar. It’ll be cut short so if it’s cut a bit that’s okay.

Let me know what you’ve got and we can talk trade or cash!


I would even consider 125/150s but would prefer the 165 hole fo sho.


I have a shadow bar I’d be willing to let go of. The post is very short. I believe around 6 inches. I have new KH bar ends from the T bar to go with it.

Most of this stuff is gone except the pedals and the shadow bars. I think I’m going to keep one of them though.

What diameter is the post?

I’d also like a pic of down in the slot where the bolt goes without the bolt in it. One thing I didn’t think about is that on every shadow base I’ve had, when I tighten the base down, the bolt gouges the slot to the point that the base is only ever usable in that one spot again (or else it moves).

If you can get that it’d be great!

I want to keep the 25.4 post I have. The one pictured is a 27.2.

There’s definitely some wear and tear on both. I don’t mind parting with either. I ran them at one notch of tilt upward from flat. (6? degrees)

First one

Second one

They would probably do well to put a punched out steel washer in there so that it didn’t do that. I didn’t realize how much they can get marred until I went back and looked at them.

Thanks for the pics. That’s exactly what I was concerned about. I run two notches up and it’s likely that they’ll come loose in that case. One of the issues with the Shadow base unfortunately but it’s an awesome handle. The post is definitely too short unfortunately.

Let me think on it.


Bolt interface…
The geometry of the Pivotal interface means that the bolt is going to be hitting the shadow base at an angle. When we designed the interface we realised this and looked at several ways to deal with the moving bolt head position. We created a shape that was the closest to the way the bolt would move. To solve the shape problem we tried including a washer, a curved sliding face, lock rings etc. The conclusion was that by including other items in to the system it created greater tolerance miss matches that tended to come loose easily in use. Nothing seams to work better than allowing the bolt to seat it self into the base. Since we first released the handle the only difference we have made with the pivotal interface is supplying the bolts with locktite already on the threads.


Well, I’ve decided that because of this seating into the base, I’m going to pass on a used Shadow base. I ended up just picking up a new one along with cranks.

Thanks for offering JA.