ok so ui was learning crankflips yesterday and i could not do them! i think i dont flip hard enough or take my back foot off fast enough so anyway i was trying them rolling for quite a while them moved to static to see what i was doing wrong. so i try it a few times and then i got a 3/4 rev rather than a 1/2 rev. so i try it a few more time s and then i go to do it onece more, i pullup and ,POW! I cracked wy handle! now i not only cant do crankflips but i i also have a broken seat! I was and am pissed. :angry: :angry: :angry:

any tips would be great. also could anyone tell my why i cracked my handle?



(useless reply)

Your post is missing the important info about what exactly broke?
What seat?
What handle?
Where did it crack?
Did the seat base crack?

1)torker lx (myata style)
2)stock handle
3) [’) -translation: ) = front lip ’ = crack [ = seat side of the handle (hope that helps)

The Yoopers Fix is one way to reinforce a Torker LX or Miyata handle.

The GB4 handle reinforcement plate will also reinforce the handle. Or you can get by with large fender washers. sells replacement Torker LX handles. For the ultimate there is the Scott Wallis Death Grip handle.

You could also use the GB4 stiffener plate to reinforce the seat base.

ok i was wrong aboutr the positon of the crack. its sorta by where the handle is bolted to the seat base. but not where a stiffener plate would go. none of thosde things would help other thatbn the new handle , thanks though.

edit:never mind that yoopers fix is exactly what i need! i dont even gotta buy a new handle!:slight_smile:

um question wat is a crankflip ¿

You should still get a replacement handle and keep it on hand. That way when the handle really breaks (and it eventually will) you won’t have to wait while you do a rush order with so you can get back to riding as soon as possible.

thats a really crpa handle, i have broken 3, my freind broke 2, andi broke off my freinds, and my other friends has a crack in it.

Shaun Johenneson(sp?) is like the best at crankflips and he rides with a viscount which doesn’t even have a handle. He has crankflipped an 8 set with it so it is possible to crankflip without one. Also by the way, torker lx handles suck.

I thought that torker lx handles were nice…

Are you just saying that because they break?

ill hopefully be getting a kh soon. plus my first uni has a viscount, wich i like so i wont be completely out of juck when i break it.

a crankflip is when you jump and spin the cranks/wheel around w/ out your feet on it. sorta like a no footed rev. (they,re HARD to learn)


If you do the Yoopers fix to a new saddle, the handle will last a long, long time. That said, the Torker handles don’t work as well with the Yoopers fix because the plastic is a little harder on the Torkers, so that it splits rather than deforming.

Wow, thanks for dredging that up, John; I’d forgotten all about that little manual.