WTB: Torker DX 24" around christmas time

I’m hoping to get a DX 24" for christmas so that I have a muni too.

Anyone know of someplace where I could get one used works for about $100-$150?

I’d really appreciate it


I’ve got one I’m looking to sell - its in incredible condition and has a few upgrades. It’s got the Jim C pedals, orange kh street fusion saddle, a different seatpost clamp and a like new 3" duro tire with less than 10 miles on it. I’m looking for more around 180 though.


lemme talk to my mom

Its a good deal.


unfortunately my mom says that’s too much right now :frowning:

we’re kinda goin through some financial troubles :frowning:

thanks tho

any others?

yeah i know what you mean
im am getting a used dx whenever the guy goes back home from college i cant wait.
I think unidudedx has a 24 dx that he was trying to sell but it dosent have a seat

he says he fixed it so he’s not selling it anymore

too bad :frowning:

oh well haha

yea. i got it fixed so im keeping it.