WTB starter Uni

Hey, I’m looking to buy a starter uni for someone I know for Christmas.

Preferably 24", pretty much anything will do, just so long as it’s not wobbly. I’ve been looking on eBay and stuff, but the only stuff in my price range is total crap. I don’t suppose anyones got some old Torker or something laying around in their garage they’d be willing to part with.

I’d be willing to pay about $50. Sorry I can’t offer more, but I’m not expecting anything too fancy

Is your budget including shipping?
And if so, where do you live? (I dont have anything for sell, someone might just want to know :smiley: )

Oh yeah, good call.
I suppose if shippings not too much more than 10-15 bucks I’d add that on to the $50. Sorry I left that out.

I’m in Champaign, IL, FYI