WTB: Right hand Reeder handle, saddle cover and foam.

I know there’s a million and a half threads of this same subject but i just recently got to extensively try out a friend’s street unicycle with a reeder handle. I love it.
Super bitchin handle. i can now do 180 unispins from seat in because of it, and the grip feels just spectacular.

I also would like to get my hands on a saddle cover of some sort and some foam to go with it if possible, but that is lower on my priority list as i could jerry rig something out of all the components i’ve already got.

ask justin. he is selling his profile uni, and it has a miyata seat with a reeder handle on it. he might part it out.

never heard of a saddle made for your right hand? pics plz/cost of them.

a little way down.

and also

3rd picture.
reeders (which is what this is) you can’t buy new anymore i don’t think

consider going with the death grip handle. you dont get quite the same grip on it, but it also protrudes a lot less. i ride it for trials and street(when i try to ride street) and it works great.

i’ll think aboot it.
I emailed and/or PMed justin… so i’ll wait for a reply from him before i go with anything else.
Yeah. thanks for the suggestions. I personally prefer the all-the-way-round grip feeling of the reeder over the deathgrip.

The deathgrip is less deadly than a reeder. I would never use a reeder for anything but muni again. It isnt fun to do fast unispins with a huge metal hook attached to the front of the seat.
The deathgrip gives a similar feel when you hold it and isn’t as dangerous…its expensive though.

the thing is… it just so happens that the way i do my unispins is clockwise, which when using the right handed reeder handle is the opposite way that it creates the hooking effect.
So i’d prefer a right handed reeder, but if i can’t get that then i might end up going with the deathgrip.

Deathgrips crack with street/trials use. They also wear faster than velo handles.