Wtb: Muni frame 24 or 26

I am looking to buy a 24 or 26 in MUNI frame. Can be scratched up, but not cracked. I have an older Torker DX frame that doesnt accomodate a very fat tire. I would like a frame that I could put at least a 2.6 tire on. Thanks!

the new torker you can fit a tire around that size…i think i got a 3.0(i have a new torker dx 24…)

The newer DX you can. I have one that is several years old and has the 2.3 kenda K-rad, and wont fit much bigger than that.:frowning:

oh bummer. sorry.


that d be great if he lived in germany. shipping it from there would be rediculous

Yea, I live in the U.S. I looked on UDC, I just wanted to find out what people on the site might have before I bought something. I also wanted to find out if anyone knows if you can put the 24 in. Gazz tire on a regular DX rim, or does it have to be wider. Maybe this is the wrong thread for that question?

It works but it would be more stable on a wider rim. Plenty of people ride the Gazz on that rim.

Hmm, I don’t think so. If he has one of the older dx’s (from 05 I think) then the rim is not an alex dx-32, it is skinnier.