WTB. front HS33

looking for a front hs33 with the newer style lever for my Muni. only looking for a front. I’d buy a rear and cut the hose but if needed I want to be able to use it on the rear of my trials bike (moto-style w/disc front).

I thought this thread was going to be about some new product from WTB.

fluoresent yellow, new from bedford hs33 are 225. Mine is brand new, just a little scratches at the top. I’ll sell it for 150. I’ll post pics if you’re interested. I live in Canada, so that would be canadian dollars. Nice black pads with em.

Are they the new style or the older hs33? I want the newer style lever, I didn’t think the newer style came in yellow…

not sure what you’re talking about. Pic? I think that this one is pretty new: I got about four months ago, and only four or five muni runs.

150 for a hs33? Holy crap ripoff. Check observedtrials.net you can find them often going for $30-$40.

Is this the whole brake? Or just the lever? Then why does bedford charge $225 when you can get em’ for $40?

Well they sell for a lot less when they are used. On Bedford’s pricelist it says stainless lines, do you think that means its that steel braided kind? That would be more too.

Btw iv seen maggies with braided lines go for 60 or so.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, for used HS33s Ebay is your friend.

I’m not paying 150 for a set of used hs33’s, when I can get them new from Webcycle for 140. I already have some braided lines so that doesn’t matter. I was mostly just wondering if they were the newer style lever in yellow. I’ve seen green, white, black and silver. The older style came in yellow I know.

I have a set of the older syle red brakes and they work fine. I’m just looking for a newer front brake, mostly so I can use the lever on my trials bike (moto-style) and not have the lever upside down. Also, I like the hose routing on the newer style. It’s perfect for uni’s.

Wow. Well I’ll buy em used next time. Why the F* is bedford charging so much? Total rip off. The more I deal with him, the more I wish I hadn’t. I am not selling my mags for such a low price of my original cost.

Sorry bout that

Hope you find em!

Webcycle in the US so that’s 140 USD. But Bedford does seem high on most all it’s parts. Even things that aren’t uni specific, like HS33’s. I’m not in Canada so I don’t really care.