WTB freewheel hub

I am looking to buy a nimbus drift trike freewheel hub. Not sure if any of them were not disc brake compatible but i would want one that is

Location united states

I don’t know if there are several models, but this one is disc compatible.

Might be expensive buying in this shop though, depending on where you live.

If you’re not totally locked to buying the Nimbus hub then the JR P-hub is a popular option these days.

Thanks, i was hoping to pick one up in the states (location added to post) to avoid the shipping costs but I cannot find a US shop with one.

I will use the shop you suggested to compare costs if i do have to go that route though :+1:t3:

Thanks, I was not aware of these! I will look into it :+1:t3:

Wonder why it says $119 in the link here but $171 on the site?

$171 is the price in Australian Dollar, check the currency (top left)

Ah ha i missed that thanks!

purchased the JR hub mowcius linked so no longer need one. thanks