WTB: DX24 cranks or uni with trashed wheel

Due to some bungling at the Torker warehouse, I have a nice new DX24 wheel but no cranks to go with it. If I can get some cranks in the vicinity of 150mm, then I’ll put the wheel on an old LX26 frame.


If I can get a old DX24 with a destroyed rim, I’ll just get rid of my 26.

Please holler if you have an old DX24 with a bad wheel

or if you have some 150mm cranks that will fit a DX24, I’d be interested in those. This wheel has regular splines, so Qu-ax will fit, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money for cranks that are a lot better than I need.

Did you get the wheel for free or did Torker just make a mistake? The Qu-ax cranks would definitely be a great option although I just looked at the price and you are right, they are bloody expensive!

My LBS is a Torker dealer and he ordered the wheel for me.

My plan was to put an LX24 wheel only my LX26 frame with an oversized tire.
Torker sent the dealer an LX20 wheel so he had to send it back.
Then Torker sent the DX24 wheel.
I wound up paying an extra $10 for the second wheel but I would be very shocked if it’s only a $10 difference between an LX20 and a DX24 wheel.

why can’t your LBS just order the cranks?

I’m tired of giving them money. Plus, I’m not sure that I trust them to send the right item.